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Makeup lessons: TOP-10 mistakes in applying foundation
Makeup lessons: TOP-10 mistakes in applying foundation

It is not enough to choose the right tone, you also need to know how to apply the foundation correctly.

Do you think that perfect skin, like in the video of beauty masters, is difficult? I hasten to please you - you yourself are able to do beautiful makeup, if there is no time to go to a beauty salon.

How do you create an even tone that will hide all imperfections, accentuate the natural radiance of the skin and will suit you perfectly?

Unfortunately, many of us make some of the most common mistakes when applying foundation, but today I'll show you how to avoid them.

The first mistake: do not test the foundation before buying

Be sure to apply foundation to your chin or cheek. Forget about hand testing. Be sure to keep seasonal changes in mind when choosing a base color. After a beach holiday, your foundation may not be the right color anymore. Feel free to mix two shades for your perfect tone!

Second mistake: not knowing your skin type

You need to understand that creams for dry and oily skin have completely different compositions and the result of an improperly selected toner for the type of skin can lead to excessive skin radiance or dryness. The better you know your skin, the better you will be able to choose a foundation with the qualities you need.

The third mistake: insufficient preparation for application

Always keep in mind the stages of skin preparation before makeup! We always start our makeup with skin preparation, we carry out the usual rituals of cleansing and moisturizing. If necessary, we use a primer selected for your skin type.

The fourth mistake: incorrectly selected tools for applying the cream

Depending on the desired result, you need to choose your tools correctly and learn how to use them correctly. If you have chosen a sponge, it is important to slightly wet it before use, and apply the cream with light hammering movements. With a brush, we apply either in circular or linear movements.

girl cares for the face

Fifth mistake: tools must always be clean

Another error immediately emerges from this error: the tools must always be clean! This is primarily for the health of your skin, and besides, this is the only way to achieve perfect coverage.

The sixth mistake: after applying the foundation, give it a couple of minutes to be absorbed into the skin

Otherwise, in the following steps, you run the risk of lubricating it with other means.

Seventh mistake: shining tone with matte makeup and vice versa

If you decide to do a beautiful matte makeup, your foundation should also have a matte finish. Using a shimmery tone with matte lipstick and eyeshadow will raise questions.

The eighth mistake: work with the foundation also on the neck, ears, slightly touching the hairline

It seems to me that everyone already knows about this mistake, but I want to remind you once again: do not forget that you have to work with tonal not only the face, but also the neck, ears, slightly touching the hairline. All this will create the appearance of maximum naturalness without a bright transition, where you can see that you are using tone.

the girl applied a foundation on her face

Mistake # 9: use light coatings, conceal imperfections

The times when it was possible to apply all the cosmetics to the maximum are over, and even more so it concerns the tonal base. Use light coatings, cover imperfections with concealer, do not apply foundation and believe me, the effect of this makeup will be much better.

The tenth mistake: first the tone, then the shadows

If you have chosen a make-up in which the emphasis is on the eyes (using textures that pour in: shadows, pigments, glitters), first put on your eyes and only after that move on to the foundation. This will help to avoid the effect of "dirty makeup" (unless, of course, it was provided by the original idea).

Yes, applying foundation is an art, but by avoiding all these mistakes, your makeup will always be at its best. Be creative and listen to your heart, but never forget the rules above.

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