How to keep fit without a gym and trainers
How to keep fit without a gym and trainers

Sport is not only about helping you achieve your dream body or burning an extra croissant you eat in the morning. It is a basic element of a healthy life.

Our body was built for physical activity. An office or sofa lifestyle doubles all aging processes - remember this! It would seem what a connection, but! Wrinkles appear faster, metabolism slows down, and the brain works worse and worse. All this is due to the lack of sports.

And most associate sports with challenging exercise in the gym. With "iron", with the obligatory supervision of a coach. Yes, all this also takes place if you set certain sports goals. But if your task is to stay young and healthy longer, then any physical activity is suitable - 30 minutes of dancing to your favorite music, home workouts, yoga, Pilates and team street sports (football with children, for example).

For a healthy body, 20 minutes of sports a day is enough, including home and the one that you like. You don't have to suffer, sweat a lot, or go through all the circles of hell. It is enough to raise your heart rate and work out all muscles and joints in a way that is convenient for you. Yes, this will not help to lose 30 extra pounds in a short time, but we are not talking about that now! We are about health!

Likewise, there is no need to run 10 laps in the stadium at a speed of 12 km / h, and then be surprised at the stars in the eyes. You can just walk around your favorite city and have fun. 10 thousand steps is a couple of hours of walking that will fly by unnoticed.

Not all of us have time for walks, so I would advise looking for opportunities to walk more. Get off one stop earlier or give your dog not 10, but 30 minutes outside at an active pace.

But, of course, speaking is easier than doing. Sport then becomes a part of your life when you skillfully weave it into your everyday life. When is it like brushing your teeth or making the bed (if you make it).

Start small and set goals that are clear and realistic.

You can start the morning with 100 lymphatic drainage jumps. But this exercise is not suitable for those with knee or pelvic floor muscle problems.

You can replace it with any activity - stretch to the sides, raise your legs alternately, make circles with your hands, head, pelvis. The task is to start lymph and blood, remove swelling after sleep and show the body that you are awake. In addition, cellulite is stagnation in the lymph. Therefore, to disperse it is our, girls, duty to our hips!

Inna Miroshnichenko
Inna Miroshnichenko

After all your morning rituals, you can stand on the plank for 1 minute. This exercise will work perfectly all the muscles in your core, arms, and even includes your legs.

When you feel the minute comes easy, add another 30 seconds. And so on until you reach your maximum (it will definitely not be an hour, so it won't take a lot of time for the bar).

And then set aside 15-20 minutes at any convenient time for sports. Some people enjoy exercising early in the morning, while others are sure to eat before a workout. The main rule is not to study after 20:00. Because sport promotes the production of the stress hormone cortisol. We need him in the morning to wake up, in the afternoon to be active. And in the evening we wait for melatonin to fall asleep. So the higher the cortisol, the lower the melatonin. Exercising after 8:00 p.m. will provide you with insomnia.

Let me remind you that healthy sleep at the right time is as important to you as this very sport. And if we are talking about late evening, then even more.

My personal recommendation is to separate training days for different body parts. This is not at all necessary if you are not pursuing athletic goals, because in home sports, there may not be dizziness, namely, because of dizziness, the coaches in the gym recommend alternating arm and leg workouts. Since the body needs 3-4 days to cope with it. But I still advise sharing.

Because in such a short period of time it is difficult to work out the whole body with high quality. Therefore, leave the emphasis on one thing. By the way, the warm-up should be done for the whole body, no matter what you plan to do further.

Inna Miroshnichenko
Inna Miroshnichenko

For me in home sports, the tabata timer is indispensable. You can download it to any phone and set the intervals that are convenient for you.

What is Tabata?

It is a training protocol that alternates between rest and sport. For example, we work 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds. Block 4 minutes and a break in between. There will be 3-4 blocks in total in your workout.

But you can do it on your own internal timer or for the number of times and approaches, the main thing is not to delay the rest between the approaches.

Make sure to set aside 1 day for cardio. There are many examples of cardio exercises on the Internet - jumping jacks, running on the spot, scissors, burpees, and so on. There are also options without jumping, for those whose knees require increased attention. Cardio workouts are very important for heart function and they can help you lose weight even after the exercise is over.

Set aside another day for some relaxing activities. For example, stretching. Without stretching, you are not a sports person at all, remember that! Your joints and ligaments need stretching more than abs or slender legs. Our way of life leads to the fact that tissues lose elasticity, important microelements, vitamins and so on are less supplied to them. So 10 minutes of stretching once a week is your minimum, which should be gradually increased.

You can sit down 50 times while the porridge is cooking. Squeeze out 10 times from the kitchen counter while the coffee maker is making coffee. You can box with an invisible pear passing by the mirror. It will definitely not be difficult for you, but it will show your body that you love sports!

After a while, it will be pleasant for you to allocate 20 minutes in a tight schedule and devote them to your beloved! With care for eternal youth!

And so without a trainer and a gym, you can also take care of your health and beauty.

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