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My man is greedy or not - how to determine? His 7 Unforgivable Deeds
My man is greedy or not - how to determine? His 7 Unforgivable Deeds

Male greed is a very unpleasant phenomenon.

If we turn to Wikipedia, then such an unsympathetic concept as greed is a completely harmless, albeit immoderate, desire to own or consume (here we add something or something from ourselves). Indeed, how can you condemn a person greedy for work, for knowledge, “greedy for life”, after all ?! After all, this is how one of Sholokhov's heroes characterized his irrepressible male energy.

But there is another definition of greed as a vice, which consists in a stubborn unwillingness to share, to help financially, to bestow a loved one … and relatives, and friends, and colleagues.

In childhood, we are conquered by the heroes of the wonderful book by Alexander Green "Scarlet Sails", after reading which a rare girl does not dream of the appearance in her life of Captain Gray and the scarlet sails of "The Secret". Gray proved to Assol and to every reader that dreams come true, although for this he needed white paint, an orchestra of wandering musicians, a barrel of a century-old wine and two thousand square meters of scarlet silk. But the main thing is that the miracle, in which Assol so believed, came true only thanks to Gray's disinterested love for the poor girl and the generosity of his soul.

To the greatest regret, many men have not learned the moral of a beautiful and instructive tale. They are trying to arrange the ladies of their hearts not with scarlet sails, but with a paper boat folded from a free newspaper. Pragmatic women from the first meetings of the candy-bouquet period quickly recognize the curmudgeon and are unlikely to be enchanted by his caramels or a pot with an agave.

But dreamy young ladies, having lost their heads from falling in love, to their misfortune, are not endowed with such perspicacity. And soon the man's greed becomes an obvious problem in the emerging relationship.

A mean-spirited husband, forcing his other half to hide income, conduct double-entry bookkeeping, look for additional income, ultimately crowds out trust, frankness and sincerity from a young family. As a result, the romantic atmosphere of yesterday's lovers changes into painful silence or loud quarrels between two people who are disappointed in each other.

In order not to become a hostage of such relationships, which are just beginning to build, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points characteristic of a greedy man.

Places for dating

He invites you on a date not to a restaurant or theater, visiting which requires financial costs and dress code, but for a free walk to the park, grove, forest, motivating this with love of nature or the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

boy and girl on a date


He gives extremely practical and inexpensive gifts, for example, a souvenir cup or slippers, as he believes that cosmetics, beautiful underwear or another handbag are philistine vulgarity and a useless waste of money.


On New Years, Women's Day on March 8th or other holidays, he gives his beloved mother an orthopedic mattress or a coffee machine, after which he presents you with promotional tights.

Lack of ethics

He comes to your house for parental dinner empty-handed, eats and drinks with an open appetite, not at all embarrassed.

boy and girl smiling


He, without shame, demonstrates a thrifty attitude to every detail of his wardrobe: a jacket, trousers, a tie, which he strokes and praises from time to time, but will never notice, let alone approve of your new clothes.

Emphasis on equality

He often speaks about the increase in tariffs and the equal rights of women and men in the accumulation of the family budget.

Not admitting responsibility

And finally, he always repeats that there is a crisis in the country, and the regime of economy concerns every conscientious citizen.

The eternal question involuntarily arises - what to do in this case?

First of all, don't panic, cry or get upset. First, try to understand - your chosen one is stingy and greedy? Or - he's just thrifty. Maybe this tight-fistedness of his will balance your pathological ability to recklessly spend money? As one lady confessed at a psychologist's appointment: “You know, I am such a spender! And if my husband were not such a miser, our family would stand under the church and ask for alms."

a guy holding a girl's hand

Sadly, but world literature and history prove that greedy men have always been and will be in this world. Fixing them is difficult, sometimes impossible. Therefore, as psychologists often advise, sometimes it is wiser and more appropriate not to eliminate the problem, but to change the attitude towards it. And each woman solves this problem on her own - will she endure, put up, adapt, cheat and re-educate her chosen one with the makings of Gobsek … Or do as the heroine of the "Pokrovsky Gates" advised: "Cut to hell, without waiting for peritonitis!"

Moreover, if he is a good father and - for the time being - a beloved husband.

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