Nina Matvienko admitted that she was deceiving her daughter: Arsen Mirzoyan is to blame
Nina Matvienko admitted that she was deceiving her daughter: Arsen Mirzoyan is to blame

People's Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko gave a very frank interview for the first time in a long time.

Singer Nina Matvienko became guests of the Pozaochi program on the Inter TV channel, where in an interview with Anastasia Daugule she confessed that she was doing to prevent her daughter Antonina from having an affair with Arsen Mirzoyan.

Nina Mitrofanovna does not hide that she did not immediately accept her son-in-law - the famous singer Arsen Mirzoyan. At first, she even tried to trick the relationship between him and her daughter Tonya.

I didn't want this marriage. Therefore, I advised Tone that she should write to him so that he would not come here. I lied to her. But she still did it her own way. I didn't want their union, because there are two children. And for me this is a categorical "no". I didn't believe him. Later I realized that he was a normal person.

- says the artist.

Nina Matvienko with her daughter

Now there is a very trusting relationship between the mother-in-law and the son-in-law. Arsen often turns to Nina Mitrofanovna for creative advice.

I treat him like a son. He will write something - and he comes to me so that I will listen. I was surprised, but happy. She said good or bad. I remember the very first remark, when I listened to his songs, - he does not pronounce words: there are no endings, in the middle he chews words. And he began to listen

- says the singer.

Nina Matvienko with her daughter and then

The fact that he and Tonya decided to name their daughter Nina also speaks of the respect for the mother-in-law on the part of the son-in-law.

We thought it would be very beautiful to name our daughter after my mother: Nina Mirzoyan. But when they came to register, my husband said: “I want her to be Matvienko. That it really was in honor of your mother and that your feminine gender continues. What if she wants to sing too? " So in our family now Nina Matvienko-senior and Nina Matvienko-junior

- says Tonya Matvienko.

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