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7 skills to learn before starting a new relationship
7 skills to learn before starting a new relationship

Loneliness can and should be made your ally. Use it to learn a few things and learn the skills that will help you find a partner.

Loneliness is often perceived as something negative. In fact, a woman can make the most of this time. There are at least seven skills to master before entering a new relationship.

Responsibility for your comfort

If a woman has not learned to take care of her comfort herself, she will begin to expect this from other people. However, no man can provide this in the long run. He simply will not be able to return a woman to the carefreeness of childhood.

Only you yourself can consciously take care of your psychological and physical comfort. This should be your # 1 challenge. Then the man who appears in your life will be able to multiply what you already have.

How to ensure your own comfort? Feed yourself deliciously, put yourself to bed on time, put on beautiful things, rest, support yourself, believe in what you are doing, comfort and delight you with pleasant surprises.

couple in love
couple in love

Ability to talk about your feelings and needs

Expressing your feelings and desires is an appropriate adult position in any relationship. Most often, women are afraid to hear "no" and try to seem undemanding and comfortable to a man.

It is possible and necessary to work with this. Talk directly about your relationship needs. For example, if you want a man to give you flowers, express your thought as simply and clearly as possible: “I so want to receive flowers from you! Give me such a gift. I will be especially pleased if you please me with peonies."

The main thing is to make a request without accusing or making claims. Even if the man refuses, do not rush to be offended. Stick to your chosen position to confirm that this is not a whim, but a real need.

Refusal without fear of not living up to someone's expectations

If you are afraid to say no, because you fear that the relationship you care about will be destroyed, then you need to pay close attention to this. Start refusing and talking about your preferences along the way. For example: "No, I will not pizza, I prefer rolls."

If you do not want to do something or are not ready for something, do not be afraid to refuse. This applies to any circumstances that arise in a relationship, up to intimacy. Be honest with yourself. If something in a man's behavior is not acceptable to you, do not expect that everything will be resolved by itself. Feel free to keep your distance, refuse and leave.

No rush

Love develops gradually. This takes time. Only after a certain period has passed you will be able to understand how comfortable you are with a person and how he behaves in different situations.

So take your time and watch calmly. Do not fall in love ahead of time, otherwise you risk taking the initiative into your own hands and doing everything for two. The only thing that can be done right away is to express sympathy and compliment the man. Otherwise, keep your distance. Only in this way can you and your partner understand what place you are ready to take in each other's life.

Focus on actions

A man who has met an attractive woman will say what she wants to hear from him. In order not to suffer later, look at what he does and listen less to what he says.

Track your feelings. Sometimes our brain gets trapped, and we begin to believe in something that does not really exist. But feelings cannot be deceived. If you are told that you are in a serious relationship and love you, and you feel pain, fear and a constant feeling of anxiety, then there is no trace of love. Don't start making excuses for unworthy actions. Believe me, if a man doesn't call or doesn't come, it just doesn't matter to him.

couple in love
couple in love

Articulating values and goals

If your main value is loyalty, you shouldn't put up with cheating. If you want a family and strong relationships, don't date married men. Talk about goals and values so that your partner can make a choice - he is with you or not. Therefore, it is important not to deceive and understand exactly what you really want.

When you are alone and in the search phase, allow different men to take care of you. Watch them and choose someone with whom your value goals align.

Ensuring financial independence

Material stability is a matter of your safety. A huge number of women agree to live with tyrants only because they do not know how to provide for themselves after parting.

Always be financially independent. Do your research, budget and expense. Think about passive income.

In other words, alone there is something to do. This is a wonderful period for development and growth. Learn to consciously and without unnecessary haste to choose a partner for a long-term relationship and be happy!

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