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What to Eat for Beautiful Hair and Skin: A Nutritionist's Checklist
What to Eat for Beautiful Hair and Skin: A Nutritionist's Checklist

Our beauty directly depends on what we eat. Healthy and shiny hair and smooth skin are not only due to genes, but also a healthy balanced diet.

Deficiencies are a common cause of poor hair and skin condition. But not just a lack of substances, but deficiencies mainly due to the non-assimilation of these substances. There are products that are simply designed by nature to make your skin healthy and radiant, and your hair thick and shiny.

What to drink?

One of the frequent questions I hear about this topic. I would be very glad if in such cases it would really be enough to just “drink something”. But I am for putting things in order in the body. And so that there are no problems with the absorption of nutrients

Balanced nutrition is essential to keep your face looking youthful, fresh and clean, and your hair thick, strong and shiny.

If some trace elements in your diet are not enough, then you will instantly observe this shortage on your face - rashes, irritation, peeling, dryness, and your hair will become dull, begin to thin and fall out.

The main vitamins that hair and skin need are A, C, E, K and B. Some of them are perfectly absorbed with vitamin complexes, some (for example, Vitamin K and D) are absorbed only with food, but all of them are necessary in order to the skin was updated and coped with its functions.

Those who eat foods such as olive oil, fish and seafood, nuts, beans, yogurt, whole grains (cereals), dark green vegetables, and dark fruits and berries are believed to have the least signs of aging.

Conversely, trans fat and saturated fat are more likely to develop wrinkles.

girl with groceries
girl with groceries

Now about vitamins that help preserve youth and beauty. ⠀

Retinol (A)

Fights inflammation and wrinkles, enhances collagen production and normalizes the sebaceous glands. ⠀

Products: eggs, butter, carrots, papaya, milk, liver, cabbage. ⠀

Thiamine (B1)

Prevents the appearance of wrinkles. ⠀

Products: peas, meat, potatoes, soybeans, milk, grain. ⠀

Riboflavin (B2)

Regulates metabolism and skin tone. ⠀

Foods: green vegetables, whole grain breads, meat, cheese, milk. ⠀

Pantothenic acid (B5)

Smoothes grooves and creases quickly and effectively. ⠀

Products: chicken liver, beef, eggs, milk, cheese, peanuts, mushrooms, pink salmon, carrots, asparagus, oatmeal. ⠀

Folic acid (B9)

Eliminates acne. ⠀

Products: watermelon, melon, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets. ⠀

food rules
food rules

Ascorbic acid (C)

Stimulates collagen production. ⠀

Products: sauerkraut, rose hips, citrus fruits, apples, tomatoes, potatoes. ⠀

Vitamin D

Slows down the aging process. ⠀

Products: fish oil, butter, milk, yolk, sour cream, mushrooms. ⠀

Tocopherol (E)

Renews cells and protects against UV. ⠀

Products: rose hips, cabbage, peas, parsley, pistachios.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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