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Top 5 questions spouses should ask each other before having a baby
Top 5 questions spouses should ask each other before having a baby

Natalya Yezhova, a sexologist, psychologist and presenter of the "Exs" reality show on the New Channel, has compiled the necessary list.

Planning a baby is an important point. You should be ready not only physically, but, first of all, psychologically. There are five important questions to ask to determine if a couple is ready for replenishment.

They were shared by Natalya Yezhova, a psychologist, sexologist and host of the "Exy" project, which is shown on the New Channel every Tuesday.

Are you ready to become a parent and take responsibility?

It seems to many that giving birth to a child is some kind of mother-daughter game, something frivolous. If one of the parents is still infantile himself, then he will not be able to raise a psychologically healthy baby. It is very important to tell yourself and your partner: “Yes, I am ready to become a parent. I feel that I can take responsibility for the child."

planning children
planning children

Are you ready to pay for the child's life?

The financial part is an integral part of our life. You need to understand what you can give your baby. Will it be good to provide not only himself, but also him. Give the answer to yourself, and then listen to your partner. If you hear: "We'll manage somehow!", Think about it.

Do you want children?

Being ready for children and wanting them are two different things. You need to understand this. Understand first: you still want to live "for yourself" or already continue your family.

Do you want children from me?

This is also important, because the attitude towards children will be the same as towards a spouse. Wanting a child is one thing, but wanting a child from this particular partner is another. How can you love a baby from your spouse if you are "at knives"?

pregnant girl
pregnant girl

Are you ready to get tested and undergo a course of treatment?

You need to start conceiving children when both of you have passed all the examinations. This is undoubtedly important for healthy offspring.

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