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By the clock: how to care for your skin at different times of the day
By the clock: how to care for your skin at different times of the day

To properly care for your skin, you need to understand how its cells work at different times of the day.

All our organs and systems, including the skin, obey daily biorhythms. Find out what time it is best to peel, when to apply the mask, and why it is so important to fall asleep before midnight.

Morning 6: 00-9: 00

Early in the morning, your skin needs gentle cleansing. Plus a tonic - it literally awakens the cells and enhances the effect of the cream. Do not forget to neutralize the evening "shoals", if any.

If you went to bed late the night before, wipe your face with a herbal ice cube (mint, lavender, rose petals). If you drank a lot of liquid in the evening and swelling appeared under the eyes, patches under the eyes or chilled green tea bags will help. Then apply a light moisturizer.

The beginning of the day 9: 00-12: 00

This time, the metabolic processes in the skin are suspended, and the protective ones, on the contrary, are gaining momentum. Therefore, now it is necessary to maintain the protective ability of the skin. First of all, this concerns protection from ultraviolet radiation. Those who only use the sun protector on vacation and neglect it in everyday life are making a big mistake.

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In our latitudes, UV protection from April to October is simply necessary if a person spends more than half an hour outside in the daytime. In order not to burden the skin with extra layers of makeup, use 2-in-1 products. For example, it can be a caring day cream or foundation with a UV filter.

  • Advice! Take a MAKEUP vacation once a week: skip makeup for 36 hours. This will restore the function of the skin.

Day 12: 00-15: 00

The skin gradually loses its moisture reserves in the morning. It is after lunch that we most often notice foci of dryness in certain areas. Therefore, it's time to maintain the hydrobalance: spray thermal water or mist on the face, décolleté and hair.

It is very helpful to remember the recommendation to drink clean water - we hope you do not forget to take 1-2 sips every 20-30 minutes during the day?

girl drinking water

In addition, apply nourishing hand cream and cuticle oil. Our hands come into contact with water and detergents many times during the day. Therefore, a cream or hand balm should be "prescribed" not only on the home dressing table, but also in the office desk drawer.

Afternoon 15: 00-18: 00

In the afternoon, the absorbency of the skin is enhanced. Therefore, if possible (for example, on a weekend), make a nourishing or moisturizing face mask. At the same time, it is ideal to plan a trip to the beautician - from 16:00 to 18:00 (as well as in the early morning), the skin is most susceptible to all kinds of anti-age and restorative procedures.

If you are going somewhere in the evening after a working day, refresh your makeup. To do this, first use a cleansing cloth - it will remove most of the morning makeup, excess sebum and other dirt.

To freshen up your eye makeup, gently remove the mascara. It's easy to do this quickly and cleanly in the office: just soak your fingertips in hot water, and then gently run them over your lashes from roots to ends. Repeat several times. This way you will remove most of the mascara and not leave untidy, dark streaks around your eyes. After that, apply or freshen up eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

girl paints eyelashes

Evening 18: 00-21: 00

After 6 pm, the pain threshold rises, so at this time it is best to carry out procedures such as hair removal, eyebrow shaping, and tattooing. In addition, evening is the perfect time for deep cleansing.If in the morning you had enough gentle milk, then after a hard day you need something more serious to remove makeup, the dirt of the metropolis and waste products of the skin.

For the evening ritual, beauticians recommend a 2-phase Korean cleansing system, when you first apply a hydrophilic oil, and then a foam or gel to wash. This technique relieves the skin of all that is superfluous and allows you to wash your face literally "until it squeaks."

Also now is the best time for gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing masks (for example, clay based). The main thing is not to wait for bedtime to wash up. Do it as soon as you get home. Then apply a light cream or serum to your skin. This way, you give your skin more time to rest, and the cream has time to be absorbed before you go to bed.

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