Feminine and fashionable: TOP 5 ways to wear sportswear every day
Feminine and fashionable: TOP 5 ways to wear sportswear every day

The world has become different, it cannot be denied. The world loved convenience, loved comfort. All year we worked (and someone continues to work) remotely. All year we called up in the "zoom" and tried to wear not only robes.

Has it affected the fashion world? And how! First, catchy textures and bright colors began to appear in clothes. Well, so that at least the closet was endowed with the ability to "amuse the eye". Secondly, the images have become comfortable. Comfortable items and sports items are parallels that are forever next to each other. Thirdly, the world is hinting at “don't stay too long, move, go in for sports”! Which also prophesies the relevance of sportswear in modern images.

Today I will tell you how the fashion world neatly weaves sport into our "looks" and show you what will be appropriate to wear sportswear. And believe me, not only sneakers and sweatpants will be discussed.

By the way, let me remind you that joggers are loose-fitting sweatpants with an elastic band at the bottom of the leg. We also call them sweatpants and sweatpants. Whom it is more convenient.

Sandals or mules

Let's start with a contrasting combination of joggers and heels. Sandals or mules - you choose. The main thing is that in contrast it will look very bold and daring. If you feel yourself in such an outfit (about the feeling - not just words) - then feel free to combine sports and heels.

Sandals or mules Sandals or mules Sandals or mules Sandals or mules

Joggers with jacket

Joggers with a jacket look great too. In this case, you can choose a jacket in the color of your trousers or not. You decide. As shoes, sneakers or our aforementioned heels are suitable.

Joggers with jacket Joggers with jacket Joggers with jacket Joggers with jacket

Sports bras

Sports bras are at their peak. They are definitely about sports, but let's try to add them to everyday looks. Fashion House "Celine" offers to combine sports bras with jackets, shorts and chelsea. Of course, instead of shorts, we can safely wear trousers or jeans. And instead of chelsea - sneakers or heels.

Sports bras Sports bras


What's a wardrobe without a sweatshirt? Certainly, every girl should have a sweatshirt (sweatshirt or hoodie) that will add comfort and relaxation to any look. Business, romantic, natural … It can also be shortened, medium or elongated.

hoody hoody hoody hoody

Cycling shorts

They say cycling shorts are no longer so relevant. But is it true if many Fashion Houses at their new shows showed us bicycles in different variations? The main thing with this thing is to be bolder. Otherwise, the image will be boring. But bicycles in color or lacquered texture will add a sparkle. Add a bright top, headpiece - and this is clearly an application for one of the most stylish looks!

Cycling shorts Cycling shorts Cycling shorts Cycling shorts Cycling shorts Cycling shorts


Although the last article in my performance was about the combination of sneakers with different images, in the article about sports things I cannot remain silent about them. For now, I will insist on using sneakers in the most daring combinations.

Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers Sneakers

Sneakers, sports bras or joggers - it's up to you. The main thing is that your reflection in the mirror smiles at you. Be confident, experiment and try new things. And of course, choose clothes with your heart.

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