How to change everything when you have already achieved something, but do not feel happy
How to change everything when you have already achieved something, but do not feel happy

It would be possible to cite the data of sociological studies about what percentage of people work in their specialty and enjoy it, but I will better analyze the people around.

In my environment, people over 30 rarely work in their specialty. Yes, immediately after graduating from university, they try to find themselves in the profession for several years, and then, whoever is bolder, admits to himself that he made a mistake in his choice. And only a few hit the bull's-eye, and now every day they confidently and happily embark on what they studied for all 5 years at the university.

But this is not a verdict or the end of the world if he chose not his own. The main thing is to sit down one day and say to yourself: "Yes, this is not mine, I do not get pleasure, it is not interesting, my eyes do not shine."

After all, we spend more time at work than with our relatives and family. And it is very important that we spend this part of our life where we feel good. Otherwise, why is it all? We have only one life! Why become that very squirrel in the wheel, which is always striving somewhere without purpose and motivation.

It is easy to give up everything when you have not achieved much success. Then it's easier to leave and try yourself in something new. And what is it like to change your life 180 degrees, when you are successful in what you do, but what have you already burned out for, or maybe you never burned? After all, only the lazy will not say: “Are you crazy? Do you have a career that others dream of? You have achieved such heights, and now you are giving up ?!”.

But we live for ourselves! What is the point of these achievements if there is no pleasure in work?

Of course, no one guarantees that a new sphere will immediately open you up from a new angle or make you happy. Perhaps it will be a complete failure altogether. But you won't know if you don't try.

Inna Miroshnichenko

As for me, it is better to fail and understand that this is not yours, and get to know yourself better than living your whole life with the idea that you exist, than you really live, that your life is routine. You can always return to where you left from, or go further and discover new facets in yourself. But this is the worst thing that can happen. And the best thing is that you will become a happy person. After all, for the sake of this you can risk it?

In fact, a person who has the courage to admit to himself that he was mistaken / burned out / wants something new, as if he can turn any situation into an advantageous one. This is a new experience, new skills, new acquaintances. Each "new" changes us, develops and fills us. This is the key element of happiness - development, expansion of one's own interests and consciousness.

But do not rush to chop off the shoulder! If you now feel empty and do not get pleasure from what you are doing, then you may be tired or simply lack of vitamins. So give yourself time to figure out what the problem is. If possible, he will go on vacation. Fill your life with non-work-related positives - friends, theater, sports, walks, new books. Take care of your health. But if after all the thought that the work is definitely not for you does not leave you, then why wait?

Inna Miroshnichenko

Dive into the unknown, discover your own oceans, and step out of your comfort zone (which is most likely not so comfortable for you if you are reading this).

If you are scared, be inspired by the stories of successful people who took up what they love, once leaving everything, despite all the "advice" and their own fears. And go for it! Start living now!

I am writing this text on the basis of human rights, who radically changed his life after 13 years of a successful career.Every minute I really get high on what I do, and I'm happy that one day I was simply not afraid (or rather, I was afraid, but took a step into this unknown).

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