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TOP 6 taboo topics for those who are just at the beginning of a relationship
TOP 6 taboo topics for those who are just at the beginning of a relationship

The psychology of relations between a man and a woman, like any process taking place on Earth, has certain stages. There are many of them, but today we will talk only about one - the initial one.

There is a list of topics that are not advisable to raise at the beginning of a relationship. Usually, age immediately comes to mind, but I'm not talking about it. Some bloggers advise dropping ten years when composing a profile on a dating site. Allegedly, there is nothing like that, because if he falls in love, he will forgive.

I look at this situation differently. First, starting a relationship with deception is not a very tempting prospect. And, secondly, it is far from the fact that a man will forgive the "cunning" of his beloved. Many people take honesty very seriously, and therefore the fact of lying can easily negate all the advantages of the chosen one.

What, then, should not be said? There are six taboo topics.


When you are choosing your caregiver or personal physician, talking about illness is appropriate. In all other cases, abstain. If a woman, when meeting a man, begins to talk about the difficulties in treating rheumatism and about successful healing from hemorrhoids, what is the first association in a man's head? Of course, with aging! He's looking for a bride for himself, not a granny with a bunch of sores.


Past relationships are a painful topic for many. When we meet a new person on the path of life, there is a great temptation to share with him what is painful. Especially if the former partner acted dishonestly.

Keep in mind that everything you talk about speaks no less colorfully about yourself. A man listens very carefully to a woman in the early stages of a relationship and analyzes everything she says. For example, she complains about her ex-husband. What is the man reading at this moment? The thought instantly flies through his head that this woman is never to blame for anything, and it will be very difficult to negotiate with her.

You don't need to praise your ex either. This will be perceived as a comparison, which is very offensive to the male ego. That is, whatever one may say, the topic of past relationships does not lead to good, and therefore - a taboo.


At the start of a relationship, women tend to give men a test. They dump all their problems on him and wait for him to solve them. After all, a real man should do that. Perhaps this is the correct position, but there is one caveat.

When a man has already become interested in a woman or even fell in love with her, talking about a problem may well prompt him to take up a solution. He would be happy to help to raise the stakes in her eyes. It is only important to present this information correctly.

It's another matter when the relationship is at the level of acquaintance. If he has not yet decided for himself whether he will be with you in the future, such a conversation will alienate him. The man will think that the woman is mercantile.

girl talking to boyfriend
girl talking to boyfriend

Alien secrets

A real case from practice. The man went on a date with the girl, where they started talking about power and corruption. The girl expressed the opinion that officials behave decently only on the screen, but in fact this is not at all the case. As proof of her point of view, she said that her friend, who works in the city administration, slept with a married boss. The man did not expect such frankness and asked if her friend was against the fact that they were actively spreading about her personal life. The girl was embarrassed, but it was too late - the man did not call her on a date again.

Why did it happen? The young man realized that it is categorically impossible to be frank with this lady, and close relationships are impossible without openness. If a woman so easily tells other people's secrets, then communicating with her is at least unsafe for her reputation.

Someone else's wallet

When a man notices that a woman evaluates all people exclusively in a material way, he realizes that he will be measured in the same way. This is betrayed by conversations about who earns how much, who gave what to whom, etc. Such a topic will at least alert him and, at the most, alienate him. Any man wants to be interesting to a woman, as a person, and not as a wallet.

girl talking to boyfriend
girl talking to boyfriend


I often observe this situation: a man tells a woman that she is beautiful, and in response to him - yes, that you, I would lose 20 kilograms, then I will be beautiful. How do you like it? It would seem, what's wrong with that? He himself sees it all, no one opened America to him.

In fact, a man perceives everything differently from a woman. He sees the "picture" as a whole, without dividing it into details. If he asked a woman out on a date, then she is attractive to him. He will notice the shortcomings only if she herself points out them. Only after that the image will no longer be so attractive.

To avoid unpleasant situations at the initial stage of a relationship, do not raise these topics with a man. Please share in the comments if you agree that there are taboo topics? What else is not worth talking with a man in your opinion? Or, on the contrary, do you think that there are no forbidden topics?

Be happy!

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