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For a career and not only: how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully
For a career and not only: how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully

In the modern world, it is important to be beautiful, and most importantly, to speak correctly.

In order to be heard, we need a competent speech, a delivered voice and knowledge of the topic that we are presenting. Everything seems to be simple, but nevertheless, in order to speak correctly, you need to make certain efforts to overcome the fear of the public and self-doubt.

It is also very important to really want to convince, but at the same time to objectively evaluate your mistakes. So where do you start?

Advice on how to learn to speak correctly from the host of the program "Pidsumki. LIVE" on the LIVE TV channel Irina Ermak.

Improve your vocabulary

To do this, you need to read books, learn languages, watch quality movies. All this will help not only enrich your vocabulary, but also develop comprehensively, and make it possible to maintain a conversation on any topic.

Irina Ermak
Irina Ermak

Eliminate parasitic words from your vocabulary

How to maintain personal hygiene and order in the house, so you should get rid of vocabulary garbage. After all, what you yourself do not notice in your everyday speech can be negatively noted by your interlocutor.

Develop your own articulation apparatus

Now you can do this without leaving Google. Examples of gymnastics for articulation and all kinds of exercises are widely available. But both desire and regular fulfillment are important here.

Record your voice and be critical of bug fixes

This will help you to hear yourself from the outside and draw conclusions about the purity of your speech, presentation and the presence of confidence in your voice.

Irina Ermak
Irina Ermak

Say extended congratulations and toasts

Try to say extended congratulations and toasts on friends' birthdays, not limited to standard phrases. Believe me, after a while you will be surprised how well you do it.

Read out loud and with expression, listen to yourself

Get used to your voice, learn to catch the correct intonation, and gradually develop your own style of speech.

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