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Happiness, pain, suffering: how to be and what to do about it
Happiness, pain, suffering: how to be and what to do about it

Our system is so arranged that we FEEL here and now something one - either HAPPINESS, or its absence … And this absence can be anything, but it is definitely opposite to happiness.

Can you be happy all the time? Can!

When everything is fine with you and any event does not drive you into either sadness, or anger, or irritation, or disappointment, or sadness or guilt, or shame or fear, that is, there is no need for low-vibration feelings and emotions, therefore that awareness has been achieved and the source of unconditional love has already been found. And he is not in other people.

Happiness is not equal to the high of pleasure

It is not a temporary flare-up as a result of an emotional distortion. Even in the language of science - this is the presence of the hormone serotonin and endorphins in the blood! And our healthy and intelligent system produces all of this constantly and continuously, if it has not been "taught" to do otherwise. Unless they banned UNCONDITIONAL happiness, and did not impose a whole list of prerequisites for its acquisition. Happiness is not in matter, its nature is sensual.

So what do we feel then and how?

If you teach your mind to think that happiness is equal to pleasure, you will be the most unhappy and disappointed, because there is happiness even in PAIN, but it is not in suffering … And pain and suffering are not the same thing.

Do you understand?

Do not teach yourself or your children that there is no happiness without pleasures! Pain, difficulty, obstacle, conflict brings growth, and suffering brings destruction.

Pain is a lightning-fast reaction of the system to danger or damage, and SUFFERING is pain that has been turned into a condensed problem, has not lived, has not been digested, has not been transformed into experience, but has been condensed into matter and turned into an information clot, behind which lies some kind of benefit …

It is beneficial for the sufferer to suffer for a specific reason

And I see it, and any specialist-colleague sees it on the mental or informational level, to whom which one is available.

For example, you are bitten by a dog, you are in pain, you can conclude from this that sticking your foot into the fence was not the best decision (this is the basis - to take responsibility for the event! And draw conclusions). The next time you meet another dog, you will not have fear or thoughts that they are all dangerous and must bite you, because this is their main task in nature, to find you and bite … But you will know that your legs are much better. do not poke. And this is the main skill and lesson that the mind can take out, proceeding from ITSELF, without attachment to the outside!

smiling girl
smiling girl
  • What about suffering?

You did not take responsibility for the dog's bite of your leg, but decided that this unfair absurdity happened to you perfectly good and all dogs are simply terrible, and now you need to be afraid of them, not love them, wait for danger.

Such a person is also inclined to project his fear on others, for example, on his children.

Have you heard how sometimes grandmothers scold the table, on which the granddaughter hit, because he ran quickly and did not look at his feet? I've heard! Instead of teaching them to be responsible for the action - the grandmother tries to take care of herself - and quickly shut up the crying child's mouth, because I don't want to listen to the howl, because if her grandson is crying, then she is already a sharply "bad grandmother" in the eyes of passers-by, because IT IS interferes with others, etc. But his howl is part of the PAIN closing process! As well as howl after the loss of a close and dear kitten, if he died.

Allow yourself and others to feel and express feelings without violence

Never say - "ashamed", "decent", "uncivilized" to the baby, but rather at an early age teach him to live the pain and not turn it into suffering!

Can you do it yourself?

Our system is very harmoniously designed and does not need to be taught false reactions!

What's next? The child gets used to shifting responsibility to the environment for ALL OF THEIR ACTS. He can grow up as anyone, and will constantly act so unconsciously, because he was not taught to LIVE THE PAIN and take RESPONSIBILITY for it. He will run away from pain, hide it, prohibit it in his environment, and constantly seek pleasure, like false happiness … And hello the illusion of an ideal world!

But back to the dog.

If the pain has not been lived through, and the lesson has not been learned through acceptance, now the brain considers it EXPERIENCE. And he is afraid of all dogs - this time; imposes fear on others - that's two; CREATES FOR HIMSELF EVENTS in which his intelligent system will try again and again to free him from this false fear, false suffering through a new experience of the like. But he does not get it and he is even more convinced of the injustice of the world, which seems to be mocking and sending clashes with dogs again and again.

So many problems are born in society, growing from trifles into whole egregors of struggle!

Your system is constantly striving for a state of ETERNAL HAPPINESS, and not petty pleasures!

He tries, connects with the right people to unravel from the false reactions of the mind.

LEARN TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH THE PRISM OF A QUESTION - "WHY IS THIS IN MY REALITY?" and there will be a way out of the impasse, you will find the answer through a book, meeting, person, insight, training …

If you have been betrayed and hurt, accept it, sort out where and why they imposed on THIS person in your head false expectations that your charms had to be destroyed by disappointment.

If someone steals from you, sit down and think, why? What is "being treated" for? I am already silent about the karmic seeds of theft that YOU AND ONLY YOU have sown in your life! You steal unpaid content on the Internet, steal someone else's time, if you break into the living and virtual space of life, steal the state of peace of others, if you tell negative news at every step, throw away your mood, irritation … Think and change!

… No matter what happens in life, you can remain either in HAPPINESS or in unhappiness, but it is always the PERSONSELF who chooses! Chooses through the creation of this world as a parallel universe for himself.

The skill of environmentally friendly communication without violence, the ability to present your feelings without shifting the blame on others, work on gratitude, the ability to negotiate, the ability to be happy, the elimination of karmic knots of conflicts, healing of your emotions and blocks of all 12 levels of consciousness - this is the minimum that is needed TO ANY PERSON OF ANY PROFESSION IN ANY CENTURY AND TIME! And this is the future …

the girl thought
the girl thought

There is a joke in the Internet: “Once I tried to get to know this world. Then change it. Then change your attitude towards the world. And now I am sure that if you wash the windows in the house, there will be more benefits."

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