How to get rid of the ears on the thighs: an effective set of exercises
How to get rid of the ears on the thighs: an effective set of exercises

After 2 weeks of training, you will see the first results, but after 2 months your hips will become beautiful and fit!

The beach season is long gone, but the desire to stay in good shape is no less relevant in autumn and winter, when we find breeches on our hips to our displeasure.

How to get rid of the ears on the thighs?

If you give up carbohydrate foods and eat fruits and vegetables - this is not a way out. After all, thin women also have ears on their hips. Therefore, in addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to do daily exercise.

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Just try it

Try the following exercises to strengthen your inner and outer thighs and glutes.

Magic chair

Press your back, back of your head and buttocks against the wall. Now begin to lower yourself slowly, as if you are sitting on an invisible chair. Hold this position (bent legs should be at an angle of 90 °) for 10-15 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat 8 times.

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Stand up straight. Feet shoulder width apart. The feet are deployed. Do a squat, trying to keep your knees open and your back straight. Then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 16 times.


Lie on your back. Legs together. Raise them slowly 10-15 cm from the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then lift again the same distance. Stay in this position. Now slowly lower your legs and repeat the exercise 8 times.

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