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Dry and flaky lips: what winter lip care should be like
Dry and flaky lips: what winter lip care should be like

Well, as soon as the breeze blows, the lips begin to dry and crack. Emergency methods are needed here, write it down.

Everyone knows how to take care of skin in winter, but not everyone knows that the skin of the lips, like the skin around the eyes, is very thin and sensitive. To make your lips always look seductive and beautiful, follow these rules.


Make it a rule to never leave home without lip balm. And it is better that there are several of them. One in your purse and the other on your desk, for example. And most importantly: apply the balm every time you go outside. Cold weather, wind, the habit of licking your lips, all this will make your lips dry and ugly.

It is important that the hygienic or lip balm contains oils and vitamin E. These components nourish the skin of the lips very well.

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If you still become the owner of dry lips, then you cannot do without a scrub. In order for the nutrients to penetrate the skin, you first need to remove all peeling. You can make a scrub yourself or buy a ready-made one. Just mix some sugar and vegetable oil. Apply sweet paste to lips and massage well. Such a scrub will not only remove the stratum corneum, but also nourish the skin.

After the scrub, you can rub your lips with a damp terry towel (only without fanaticism). This procedure will also help get rid of dry crusts.

An important point: if there are wounds or cracks on your lips, then you need to refuse the scrub, otherwise you risk even more harm to your lips.


It is best to choose products with a dense, oily texture. They will create a layer that will help protect the sponges from the elements. If you are an eco-fairy and want everything to be as natural as possible, you can use oils. For example, shea butter or jojoba butter. They dramatically soften the lips and create the necessary barrier.

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Sos care

For those who are really bad, there is also a way out. Special ointments, creams and even lip patches. If you have a date and your lips are like a spiky fence, then patches are your salvation. But first you need to apply a mega-nourishing balm or cream on the lips (in a thick layer) and wait 10-15 minutes. Then wipe off the leftovers, make a scrub and only then apply a patch. After all the manipulations, apply lip balm and go kiss soon.


We strongly recommend that you throw all matte lipsticks away (at least until spring). They dry their lips wildly anyway, add to this terrible weather conditions, ignorance of care … Such a story is definitely not about beautiful lips.

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