Anita Lutsenko told what products you need to eat to get rid of hair loss
Anita Lutsenko told what products you need to eat to get rid of hair loss

A well-known trainer and co-author of the "Beautiful Hair Marathon" Anita Lutsenko pointed out a direct connection between nutrition and the health of curls.

On her page on social networks, Anita Lutsenko published a list of products that should be in the diet of every girl with the words "so that the hair is perfectly spiked, shiny and does not fall out."

The list includes protein, meat, vitamin C, fat, and a couple of dietary recommendations.

  • Adequate amount of protein (meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cottage cheese, seafood);
  • Red meat 1-2 times a week as a source of iron;
  • Vitamin C for better absorption of iron (sweet peppers, broccoli, citrus fruits, kiwi, greens, cabbage);
  • Enough fat in the diet (butter, sour cream, nuts, seeds, avocados);
  • You don't need to drink 10 cups of tea and coffee a day. This interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Nutrition should be varied, so different vitamins and minerals will get into us from different foods.
Anita Lutsenko

With the publication, the trainer announced the second level of the "Beautiful Hair Marathon", which starts on November 1, told about the invited specialists - a nutritionist and a dermatologist-trichologist.

Anita also confirmed that the information on the second level of the "Beautiful Hair Marathon" is absolutely new. At the same time, in order to participate, it is not necessary to pass the first level.

Do I need to additionally drink vitamins for beautiful hair? Does collagen help? What is the rate of loss? Useful and useless procedures and dietary supplements, how to read the packaging of shampoos? Baby hair, your own curls, biowave, and much more

- Anita shares the themes of the upcoming marathon.

Anita's colleague, a well-known hair stylist, co-author and lecturer of the sensational "Marathon of Beautiful Hair" Elena Nevmerzhitskaya, published a post on social networks about what to do with hair if it is no longer fresh, and you do not want to wash your hair at all.

Elena highlighted three main points, among which: caring about how and on what our hair will lie at night, the correct use of dry shampoo, a spikelet hairstyle at night.

Sometimes in the morning we do not have time or are not in the mood to wash our hair. There is a way to tidy up your hair and live the day with beautiful hair. Restyling is not about delaying washing, but taking care of clean, but already crumpled hair

- writes Elena Nevmerzhitskaya.

Elena Nevmerzhitskaya

On restyling and other techniques important for hair care, the second level of the "Beautiful Hair Marathon" by Anita Lutsenko and Elena Nevmerzhitskaya, which starts on November 1, has been prepared. New topics and invited experts (nutritionist, trichologist) will help you enhance the beauty and quality of your curls. Everyone can participate, even if you haven't passed the first level.

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