How to change your life in 21 days: an effective technique
How to change your life in 21 days: an effective technique

If things have gone awry, this method will help you start over.

Is it possible to change a difficult character in four months. And how! This was shown by the New Channel in the reality "From the boy to the lady." The teachers of the Lady School, crisis and family psychologist Natalia Borisova worked with the girls.

Some of the participants are now unrecognizable. It turns out that anyone can turn their lives in a different direction. Sometimes 21 days are enough for this. How to do it - the reality psychologist shared the way.

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“Everything is not going well in my life! I’m probably a loser!” Sound familiar? It so happens that you look at your life and wonder why it doesn't work out?

Observe yourself. How do you think about your work? What do you usually focus on? On mistakes, misses, failures and defeats - right? What do you notice more often in your personal life? Complaints to your partner, dissatisfaction with what you have, unjustified expectations? What do you focus on when thinking about yourself?

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Many people know the statement: "Where the focus of attention, there is energy!" How does it work in life? You rarely realize your achievements and victories, but you are always not averse to scolding yourself for any imperfection. Now is it clear why life goes awry? When we focus on the negative, we amplify it!

What to do about it?

You need to change your reality! Every morning after waking up, devote at least 10 minutes of your time to thoughts about upcoming personal victories, visualize the desired changes in your life, think about the pleasant things that the coming day will give you in all its manifestations.

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Keep the focus of your attention throughout the day on what you have enjoyed, what you have actually achieved, or what you have managed to cope with. I give a guarantee: if you do this practice for at least 21 days, you will not recognize your life. In a good way, of course!

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