How to surprise a mom on Mother's Day: TOP-9 gift ideas that will not leave her indifferent
How to surprise a mom on Mother's Day: TOP-9 gift ideas that will not leave her indifferent

One of the sweetest holidays of spring is approaching us - Mother's Day. This year it fell on May 9th. This is a great reason to once again please your beloved mother with an original present.

You, like no one else, know how often it is difficult to choose a woman's gift. It would seem, what's so difficult? Buy her a new scarf or handbag and she will be happy. Present a new mascara or lipstick and she will be delighted like a child. But women are not easy natures, and instead of a pleasant process, this "challenge" often turns into a real puzzle.

But STOP! Exhale. Catch our TOP of useful and original options to give your mom on Mother's Day, making her the happiest woman on earth.

For beauty

Mom is the most important person for each of us, especially for girls. And Mother's Day is a good time to remind her that she is the most beloved and most beautiful. A set of cosmetics can be an excellent gift option for her. Light, fresh scent. Warm berry shades … A bouquet of exquisite flowers? It's all about Girlwood's Revitalizing Lip Care Complex.


The company's experts have developed four innovative products that can restore firmness, hydration and natural color to lips: balm, mask, scrub and oil. We put them in velvety to the touch bottles, carefully put them in a beautiful box and added some nice little things. You just have to apply your love to this and make sure that our mothers always remain young and beautiful. Order now!


For body

Flawless skin without extra hair is every woman's dream. Admit it, how many times have you yourself dreamed of such a gift? Sugar hair removal will help you easily and effectively deal with the problem. With the help of shugaring, you can remove hair from any part of the body.

Sugaring in the network of smart studios SugarMe is carried out using professional cosmetics. Our own brand products meet all the requirements of our many years of experience in the field of sugaring, at the core of which is the highest and consistent quality.

smart studio SugarMe

Choose a gift certificate online and delight your mom with a luxurious beauty treatment. You can also buy a certificate for shugaring for yourself. Don't worry, SugarMe meets all the hygiene requirements - from disinfectants to technical equipment.

smart studio SugarMe


What woman doesn't have a passion for beautiful lingerie? Someone is crazy about delicate lace, someone - from graceful velvet, and someone chooses comfortable and practical cotton sets. But we all have one thing in common - an irresistible love for this delicate part of the wardrobe. But how to guess with the model, color, size … level of sexuality? You can get around these barriers if you buy a gift certificate at a lingerie boutique.


For development

Development is the best gift. Nobody knows your mother as you know her. What is she dreaming about? Perhaps she had been planning to improve her knowledge of English for a long time, but did not dare to take it? Don't worry! In fact, learning English as an adult is much easier than most people think.

girl studying language

Yes, children can easily copy accents and memorize new words. An adult's trump card is concentration and critical thinking. Thanks to him, we learn a complex grammatical rule or new vocabulary faster than a schoolchild.Therefore, the already paid courses of studying a foreign language will become a good motivation for mom to study what she has long dreamed of.

For everyday life

Mom counts every minute. Therefore, she will be delighted with any gift designed to make life easier. Kitchen chores become easier with a variety of tools. This could be a blender, kitchen scale, coffee grinder, cooking thermometer, a good whisk, or even a set of plates.


For relaxation

Perhaps, at first glance, dinner in a restaurant may seem like a banal surprise to you, but believe that any mother will appreciate it. And this is not surprising! Indeed, on such a day, every woman wants to rest and relax. So why not give her that opportunity. Book a table at your favorite restaurant now … Otherwise it will be too late.

a restaurant

For health or relaxation

We are sure that on the eve of the warm season, gifts such as fitness bracelets, yoga uniforms or sneakers for jogging, accessories for the beach and outdoor activities will be relevant for mom. It's great if the whole family goes in for sports together with my mother, such leisure will become a good tradition and guarantee health.


For the soul

If your mom loves to read and finds time for this, then finding a gift is easier. Maybe you know her favorite author? Or does mom like a certain genre? Look at her bookshelf and everything becomes clear. Go to any bookstore, buy a series of books in gift covers or order home delivery. We are sure your mom will be delighted!


A day from childhood

If you knew how your mother misses those days from childhood, give her that wonderful feeling back. Go for a walk along the streets of your hometown together, plan a trip to a water park or zoo. And you can also take your dad with you.

mother with daughter

To the chosen gift, be sure to add a bouquet of your mother's favorite flowers and a touching postcard in which you write your best wishes and declarations of love to your closest person on earth.

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