Weak erection: 3 tips from a sexologist, how to help in a delicate situation
Weak erection: 3 tips from a sexologist, how to help in a delicate situation

A weak erection that happened once is not a reason to immediately run to the doctor.

You waited for the night together for a long time, discussed and fantasized for a long time how it would be, and at the most crucial moment the man had an embarrassment - he did not get up. I would like to say right away that this situation can happen in the bedroom of every couple. And this does not mean that the partner has erectile dysfunction.

Most often, a weak erection occurs due to stress, intense excitement or tension. But how to help a partner in a delicate situation - this "The only one" learned from the sexologist and psychologist, the host of the reality "Exy" (New Channel) Natalia Yezhova.

Do not panic

Now you need to relax yourself and calm your man. Believe me, he is also worried about this situation. How can I help him? Create a calm, intimate environment with music and dim lights.

boy and girl in bed

Don't give up on foreplay

It is believed that a man is always ready for sex, and only women need foreplay. It is not true. For men, foreplay is also important! Excite your partner with words, kisses and massage, but do not touch the genitals.

boy and girl in bed

Take control of the situation

Strengthen an erection by acting on the most sensitive part of a man's body - the bridle. Tap it on your body: tongue, chest, or thighs.

What advice Natalya Yezhova will share with the participants of the reality TV "Aksy" - watch this fall on the New Channel.

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