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Intimacy in a long-term relationship: what to do so that the "spark does not go out"
Intimacy in a long-term relationship: what to do so that the "spark does not go out"

Psychologist and sexologist, host of the reality show “Exa Natalya Yezhova told what to do if intimacy has become a routine.

For many couples who live together for a long time, sex becomes predictable. Both know where to kiss each other, where to stroke, when the foreplay ends and how long the intercourse will last. From day to day, from night to night, the same thing … Because of the routine comes a sexual crisis. And then betrayal and even a break in relations may follow.

How to solve problems in intimacy - "The only one" learned from the leading reality TV "Exa" on the New Channel, sexologist and psychologist Natalia Yezhova.

boy and girl
boy and girl

Down with the routine

Scientists have proven that if you eat your favorite dish every day, soon, instead of joy, it will start to cause disgust. It's the same with sex: favorite positions become boring, and we start to get bored. There are five tips to help you diversify your intimacy.

Council number 1. Do the opposite things. For example, if you are used to it quickly, go to a slow pace.

Council number 2. Introduce toys. At least lubricants to diversify the taste and smell.

Council number 3. Try new positions. They can open up unusual sensations for you.

boy and girl
boy and girl

Council number 4. Try new looks and costumes.

Council number 5. Try new places to be intimate. You don't have to go somewhere, it could be a new room, a table in the kitchen, or a windowsill.

What advice the expert will share with couples experiencing a crisis in a relationship - watch this fall in the reality TV "Aksy" on the New Channel.

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