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It will be interesting to you: 7 stages of male love
It will be interesting to you: 7 stages of male love

Men treat falling in love as a pleasant experience, but in fact, love does not come to them right away.

Men think and feel completely differently from women. When a man begins to meet with the subject of his sighs, he necessarily goes through seven stages until the moment he finally loves his chosen one.

When a woman sees a man for the first time, she begins to evaluate him according to all available criteria: security, grooming, ability, intelligence, etc. The glance immediately analyzes the marital status of the ring on the desired finger, the state of health by physique and the social status of the choice of clothing. That's the way women are.

For men, everything happens differently. The first thing that a man assesses is how sexually attractive a woman is to him. It is sex that is the main incentive for starting any relationship. The principle of "meet by clothes" is relevant here as never before. It is the appearance that determines whether a man will communicate with a woman or not. So, we smoothly moved on to the stages.


Not to be confused with falling in love! Usually women mistakenly think that when a man's eyes light up and lust appears, he is already trapped. This is not true. Alas, love at first sight is possible only in the beautiful half of humanity. The good news is that 80% of women consider men to be sexually attractive.


At this stage, the male imagination is connected. He begins to fantasize and imagine you as an amazing lover. At the same time, the man perfectly understands that he cannot directly tell you about his desires and act assertively.

And this is where the fun begins. On a subconscious level, a man begins to analyze what else he is interested in a woman, how comfortable it is to communicate with her and whether she is attracted to him.


This stage begins when there is a response from the woman. After a man receives clear signs of his chosen one, he begins to attract attention to himself. Remember how boys pulled girls by the pigtails as a child? Since then, not much has changed - now men ask for a phone number, figure out how and where they can meet with you, what do you prefer, etc.

couple in love
couple in love


This period is liked by women most of all. It is at the stage of the peacock that a man reveals himself in all his glory. He tries very hard to show how caring, courageous and reliable he is. At this time, the man talks about his plans, begins to give gifts, makes dates, writes messages.

The woman next to him feels like a queen, and mistakenly believes that it's all about her. In fact, all these actions are about him. Remember what unusual things your man did at this stage? How did you feel at that moment?

While the man “peacocks”, he slowly falls in love with the chosen one. Then comes the fifth stage.


Since the beginning of the acquaintance, the man has invested significantly in the relationship. He wasted time, emotion and money. At the fifth stage, it's time to "knock out the accounting". It's not about finances, but about the moral side of the issue. The man begins to evaluate what results his actions towards the woman brought him. Have you fallen in love? Have you become attached?

At this stage, it is important to be sincere and not fool yourself or your partner. A common mistake is when a woman begins to feel guilty. She thinks: "He tried so hard, you need to answer him with something."In fact, this is not necessary. It is enough for a man to see that a woman is happy, she smiles, her eyes are burning and she feels good next to him.


At this stage, strange things can happen from the point of view of a woman's perception. The man promises to throw the whole world at her feet, and he himself … disappears. This is not because the woman did something wrong. It's just that at this moment, for the first time since the beginning of the relationship, a man's head turns on.

He weighs all the pros and cons to decide whether he will continue this relationship or not. No man will build a long-term, serious relationship based on sex alone. To love, a man acts rationally. Only after the man decides that this is the woman with whom he wants to be, the seventh stage begins.

couple in love
couple in love


At this stage, the man opens up completely to the woman. He shows himself as he is, with pros and cons, opportunities and desires. The woman's task is one - not to kill this love.

And finally, I will give some good advice.

My dear women, do not be afraid to fall in love - it is necessary. Just do not rush to rush into the pool with your head and fall into emotional dependence on a man. The process of making the final decision about you in men takes quite a long time, and you must maintain a stable psychological state all this time.

Always be beautiful and desirable, no matter what! I will ask you to like and share your experience of falling in love and building relationships with men in the comments.

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