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Life hacks from a stylist: how to learn how to make the right purchases while shopping
Life hacks from a stylist: how to learn how to make the right purchases while shopping

The stylist shared effective life hacks for "correct" shopping.

Someone perceives shopping as a walk in the shops, someone likes to go around all the stores and find the most interesting thing, someone buys everything in a row, and someone does not like shopping at all. We decided to learn about the nuances that lie in this process from the stylist Elena Mudrenko.

Rule one - don't go shopping with makeup and hair

The stylist notes that during fittings, the hairstyle may fall apart, and the makeup may remain on things. Your makeup, no matter how stable it is, will still float, and you can forget about your hair. Therefore, it will still be more comfortable to go shopping without makeup.

At the same time, makeup can play a cruel joke on you. The things you choose while you put on your makeup may look different when you are not wearing makeup.

girl in the store
girl in the store

Rule two - do not evaluate your figure in the mirror during fitting

If suddenly you don't like your reflection, don't worry! First, the problem is not with you, but with the clothes. It's just that it's not sewn like that! Second, you've fallen into the marketer's trap - the mirror trick. In fitting rooms, especially in mass markets, the lighting is not very good, and it seems to you that you have a lot of imperfections, cellulite, extra pounds.

But if you are delighted with yourself - beware too! There is such a marketing ploy as mirrors that make people slimmer. In this case, you should not hesitate and go out in these clothes to the common room, where the lighting is somewhat better.

This advice will save you both money and nerves.

Third rule: choose the right day

You should go shopping on a weekday, because at this time there are no queues and fuss.

shopping girl
shopping girl

The fourth rule - read the composition of the fabric before buying a thing

This way you will complement your wardrobe with the necessary things that will last longer and save you from the heat. It is better to choose things that include natural fabrics, using natural fibers, for example, cotton, linen, viscose, tencel - this is a new fabric.

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