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Style: how to diversify your look in 5 minutes
Style: how to diversify your look in 5 minutes

Effective methods that are important for everyone to remember.

They say a person never gets a second chance to make a first impression. That is why it is so important to correctly build your image from the beginning - to choose a wardrobe, accessories, hairstyle and makeup. After all, our appearance is a reflection of the inner world. And it needs to be shown in all its glory from the first minutes.

To be honest, I don't really like style advice - especially when someone gives it to me. But I would really like to share my tricks, which have repeatedly helped to look good in any circumstances - after a sleepless night, in bad weather or in a bad mood.

I am sure that everyone knows these things, but how important it is to remind of them from time to time.

Initially the goal

Before buying any thing, you need to understand why this is all: what to wear, how to combine, and in which store to look.

I spend a minimum of time on shopping in malls, maybe 2 hours a month, or maybe less. All because I prefer online. But in order to invest in this time frame, I always set myself a goal: what exactly I want to buy today. I immediately go for a specific thing and understand what I plan to wear it under.

Thinking ahead is a great habit that has always helped me out. After all, things need to be bought consciously, clearly knowing what you will wear them with. This way you save time, nerves and money.

Marina Aristova
Marina Aristova


In everyday life, we most often wear something from the basic wardrobe: and in order to stand out from other people in our environment, it's time to think about the accents that we will place in our image.

I often opt for glasses, jewelry or hats. And also scarves - they can be bought anywhere and used in many different ways.

For example, this combination: a white T-shirt - classic jeans. How can you make it more interesting? Tie a bright silk scarf on your head or on your arm - and voila: you are restrained, but very effective.

Any look should have something that catches the eye. But. It is important to remember about measure. As Coco Chanel bequeathed, "when choosing accessories, take off what you put on last."

Unusual combination

The dress code is important, but even it can be a little workaround. You can choose bright colors, but restrained models, and also play with textures.

Ironically, boldly, cute - all these words can be applied to one and the same image, if you compose the look correctly.

The horizontal strip is now in vogue - we were waiting for it! You can wear vests, for example. And not only on weekends.

Marina Aristova
Marina Aristova

The linen style is also relevant. Flying nightie dresses or pajama pants with sneakers - what could be more convenient for a summer walk in the park?

In any case, in order to look stylish, it is not at all necessary to have a large budget: even 600-1000 UAH will be enough to look spectacular and expensive. What matters is not how much money you spent, but how much you are aware of the features of your figure, type, eye color, hair, and how to choose a thing for yourself.

Over time, you begin to use all the chips intuitively, observation works. But before that, it's important not to be afraid to experiment. After all, if you can try something unusual, then why not?

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