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Can infertility be cured? Treatment methods
Can infertility be cured? Treatment methods

According to statistics, 20% of Ukrainian couples of reproductive age experience difficulties in conceiving a child naturally. However, modern medicine has a range of reproductive technologies to help solve even the most difficult problems.

To increase your chances of having a healthy baby, you should contact a reputable clinic with a good reputation. For more than 4 years, infertility treatment in Kiev has been successfully carried out by the "Human Reproduction Center" of Professor AM Feskov. During this time, the clinical departments of Kiev and Kharkov have helped thousands of couples from 52 countries become parents.

Infertility reasons

Infertility can be primary, when the spouses have not yet had children, and secondary, when there has already been at least one successful pregnancy, but at the moment it does not occur. The main thing in overcoming infertility is correct diagnosis. Only a complete examination of both spouses using modern laboratory equipment reveals all the factors that interfere with natural conception. Based on the data obtained, an optimal treatment program is drawn up.

In 15% of cases, the cause of childlessness is the problems that both partners have, in 40% - female infertility, in 45% - male.

girl with teddy bear
girl with teddy bear

The inability to conceive and bear a baby can be caused by many factors. Among them:

  • endocrine disorders;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • genetic abnormalities;
  • previous trauma, illness or surgery;
  • the consequences of chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • disorders in the immune system;
  • premature aging of the ovaries;
  • age-related decrease in ovarian reserve.

Among the causes of impaired male fertility:

  • pathology of the genitourinary system;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • genetic mutations;
  • immune factors;
  • toxic effects (alcohol, chemicals, radiation exposure);
  • obstruction of the seminal canals;
  • lack of erection.

Fertility treatments

In the "Center for Human Reproduction", after identifying the causes of infertility, they seek to eliminate them by therapeutic or surgical methods. If neither conservative nor surgical treatment brings the desired result, they resort to one of the assisted reproductive technologies. It's about:

  • in vitro fertilization (IVF). Conception "in vitro" is addressed in case of obstruction of the fallopian tubes, with low sperm quality, high risk of hereditary diseases, etc.;
  • artificial insemination. It is used when it is impossible to introduce sperm in a natural way, low sperm quality, incompatibility of cervical mucus with sperm;
  • sperm or egg donation. This technology is used when it is impossible to obtain a viable biomaterial for conception from one or both partners;
  • surrogacy. They resort to it if the woman is not able to bear the child herself.

One of the auxiliary techniques is preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). In the case of an increased risk of genetic mutations or hereditary diseases, it allows you to check the embryo for their presence / absence before its introduction into the patient's uterus.

In the Center of Professor Feskov there is a cryostorage of genetic materials and embryos for repeated procedures. The clinic also has an extensive database of potential donors.

Author: Gynecologist-reproductologist Nesteruk Anna Vladimirovna

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