When the clock is changed to winter time and what to do on this day
When the clock is changed to winter time and what to do on this day

When to set the clock to winter time, in which direction to set the clock and how to get through this time without harming your health, we will tell you in our material.

The clock will be changed to winter time in 2021 on the last Sunday in October: on the night of October 30 to 31.

Where to translate the clock in winter time

When switching to winter time, the clock is set back. This will happen at 4 am, which means that Ukrainians will be able to sleep an hour longer. Let's remind. That many modern computers and smartphones switch clocks automatically.


When the clock is set to daylight saving time

Daylight saving time will take place as early as the next year, 2022: on the last Sunday in March. If this event is not celebrated at the legislative level.

Why change the clock to winter time

Clocks have been translated in Ukraine since 1996. In addition to Ukraine, most countries of the world switch clocks to winter and summer time: often these are the countries where the change in daylight hours is strongly noticeable when the seasons change. Such a measure is necessary to extend daylight hours and better adapt to seasonal changes, as well as save energy.


How to survive the transition to winter time

The transition to winter time, according to scientists, people endure much better. Than daylight saving. After all, the clock is set back an hour, which means you can sleep longer, and daylight hours at the same time increase.


However, even when switching to winter time, doctors recommend gradually rebuilding the sleep schedule, drinking more B vitamins, going to the sun and giving up bad habits during this time.

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