Nina Matvienko stunned by the statement that she separated from her husband
Nina Matvienko stunned by the statement that she separated from her husband

Singer Nina Matvienko told why she was against the affair of her daughter Antonina with Arsen Mirzoyan, and also confessed why she now lives separately from her husband.

Nina Matvienko has a big family. The singer, her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live in the same house in Kiev. But the artist's husband, Peter Gonchar, moved to a dacha located 60 kilometers from the capital.

It turned out that Nina Mitrofanovna herself asked her husband … to leave her. The star admitted this in an interview with the host Anastasia Daugula for the Pozaochi project on Inter.

I asked my husband to leave me. He believed that he still had his own life, which he chose. There was no scandal, nothing. There was an understanding that he was no longer of any use in the house. I told him: “Go yourself, live in the country. Draw. Tell people I'm bad or something. Say what you want about me. " And everyone says now that he left me. To protect his honor, I say, "Well, yes."

- says the singer.

Nina Matvienko on the set
Nina Matvienko on the set

Nina Mitrofanovna admits that she does not feel pain because of what happened. After all, she never felt behind her husband, as behind a wall.

All my life I have been, as a man, providing for my family. So why do I need it for my old age? He never had money. We lived off my salary until I was 60. But it was not his fault. His father was a Ukrainian patriot, he collected icons, although at the same time he was a communist. His party card was taken away. And then, wherever my husband went, they looked at the dossier: in fact, there was no way for my son to go further because of what happened to his father. But this never affected our relationship, I did not say that the husband should bring something to the house or earn money. Believe me, we have never had this! I thought that happiness is only a husband and children. But the husband is when you combine your work, when he can replace you. And several times he let me down a lot … Something was breaking inside me. Once the children were sick, and I had to go to a concert of ideologists. I go to a rehearsal, and my husband catches up with me and says: “I will not sit with the children. They are sick, you sit with them yourself. " Due to the fact that I did not come to that concert, I was not allowed to travel abroad for 16 years.

- explains the artist.

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