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Snow-white smile - TOP-6 myths about teeth whitening
Snow-white smile - TOP-6 myths about teeth whitening

Although teeth whitening has long ceased to be something unusual in Ukraine, nevertheless, this procedure of aesthetic dentistry is still surrounded by many myths.

Hollywood white smile is not just a tribute to fashion, but a sign of success in life and a healthy lifestyle. After all, it reflects all our habits, including harmful ones: coffee, tea, wine, cigarettes, poor dental hygiene. Is it worth whitening your teeth at the dentist and is it so safe?

For the readers of "The One" debunks myths and tells how to decide on whitening at the dentist and make your smile Hollywood, the chief doctor of the dental clinic, the winner of the beauty contest Ms. World International 2021 Valeria Bayramova.

Whitening is a very painful procedure

One of the most popular horror stories. Today, the whitening procedure practically does not cause discomfort thanks to a new generation of devices that do not heat the enamel (namely, heating and caused pain when using older models). Today, the doctor can also select the optimal level of exposure depending on the sensitivity of the teeth. In addition, the whitening compound cannot get onto soft tissues and cause discomfort or damage. The dentist carefully protects the patient's gums and lips with special devices. Before the procedure, the gums are isolated with a special compound, and only then a gel is applied to the frontal surface of the teeth, which is activated with a lamp, which in turn changes the color of your teeth.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening

Whitening destroys teeth

Whitening refers to cosmetic procedures and has practically no contraindications, while the usual mechanical cleaning of teeth at home affects tooth enamel much worse: a too hard brush, aggressive abrasive toothpastes destroy it more than new generation whitening devices. Modern whitening procedures are completely safe for your teeth and give good results.

You can whiten your teeth at home

Patients who try to avoid visits to the dentist, but dream of a beautiful snow-white smile, often try whitening with the help of available tools, such as lemon juice, activated charcoal, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Such folk recipes will really help to make your smile a little lighter, as they will remove plaque. However, the yellowness of the teeth can be removed only with professional hardware whitening, which affects not just the surface of the tooth, but the pigment inside the enamel. In addition, teeth whitening at the dentist can make them lighter by 8-11 shades, which cannot be achieved with any home methods.

Home remedies whitening is not that dangerous

A special pencil for whitening teeth, a highly effective special gel, a 100% guarantee of clarification with an ultrasonic lamp from Chinese stores, a "grandmother's method" cocktail of soda with hydrogen peroxide, an activated charcoal tablet on a toothbrush - bright headlines on the Internet are screaming about all this, but not it's worth checking it out for yourself. These and other dubious remedies that are recommended on the Internet are not only ineffective, but also dangerous for your teeth. They contribute to the formation of cracks in your enamel and its damage, which in turn lead to tooth decay, painful "holes" and even tooth loss. Home remedies whitening is really dangerous for your teeth!

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening

Cleaning before bleaching is money pumping

An obligatory step for whitening is professional teeth cleaning and plaque elimination. There is a myth that in this way dentists want to impose additional services and make you pay more. In fact, if the correct preparation is not carried out, then the procedure will not whiten teeth, but dental plaque. Therefore, the day before the procedure and not earlier than two weeks, a professional cleaning is done and an ideal order in the oral cavity is brought about.

Whitening does not last long

It is generally accepted that whitening has a short-term effect and over time the teeth will darken and return to their original color. In fact, under the influence of cold lamps of devices of the new generation, it is the yellow tint that is removed more efficiently. Therefore, even with the abuse of coffee, wine, cigarettes or other dyes, your teeth will remain at least a few shades lighter than they were originally, and without a yellow tint. However, you should not neglect the rules of hygiene and the recommendations of doctors. If you want to preserve the whiteness of your smile, skip the aforementioned products and take proper care of your teeth. And be healthy!

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