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How to find motivation to lose weight: ways that will suit every girl
How to find motivation to lose weight: ways that will suit every girl

In addition to your nutritional plan and exercise program, you need motivation to lose weight and actually achieve your desired weight.

It is motivation that makes it possible not to break down when everyone around is eating pizza and not want to drink wine at a meeting with girlfriends. You need to understand that motivation is an individual thing, so you need to find it. My. And only his own.

Motivation for losing weight: how to find

In the beginning, you need to understand why you need weight loss. Remember, although most girls say they want to weigh less, in reality they are comfortable with being overweight.

Therefore, after work, high-calorie meals are used, and there is no time for training. To prevent this from happening to you, answer yourself honestly to the question: "Why do you need to lose weight?" (and will it make you happier).


If you find the right answer, believe me, there will be strength for everything. The main thing is not to be honest and answer yourself as honestly as possible.

Remember motivation

In order not to forget why you need to lose weight, always keep a picture that embodies the essence of motivation not far from your eyes.

It can be a photo of a handsome man, a new office, or something else that you want to get as a result of losing weight. And, perhaps, you are losing weight in order to finally love yourself - then pick up some symbol, and do not lose sight of it.

Slimming Motivation: Reward Yourself

motivation for losing weight
motivation for losing weight

To keep your motivation inspired, remember to reward yourself for any successes. No, not cake. Come up with a reward system for yourself. And follow it. Only this system should not be associated with food.

At the end of the process, let the coveted prize await you. Yes, this will help you not to break down in the most difficult moments (and they will certainly be).

Set short-term goals

Break down your weight loss process into short goals. For example, "for my friend's birthday, my goal is to lose 3 kilograms." The goal must be real and tangible.


Further: “to lose a kilogram before starting a new job” (if you plan to change something).

So the process of losing weight will be filled with small victories, and this, of course, motivates.

Important: carefully analyze how your environment reacts to your desire to lose weight. There will certainly be those who, instead of support, will constantly tempt you to pizza or tell you that nothing will work out. Try to spend as little time as possible with them during the period of weight loss.

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