Svetlana Loboda remembered a secret love that cannot be returned
Svetlana Loboda remembered a secret love that cannot be returned

Exactly a month ago, Svetlana Loboda presented the single "Americano", which, to date, has been listened to by more than 7 million people, and the history of the track's release is very much in the traditions of the singer.

As Svetlana Loboda herself says, in just a couple of weeks, she made a decision to change the composition: “Another track was already ready for release, but as often happens,“Americano”suddenly comes to me and I understand that plans are changing. And this is exactly the song that I want to release right now."

Svetlana Loboda

And, Svetlana, as always, hits the spot. Because the track "Americano" instantly takes off to the first positions of all charts and for a long time occupies the first place on YouTube among music videos in the "trending" tab.

The singer today announced the premiere of a video directed by Indy Hayit.

I like BW, I like film. Melancholy, lost feelings, love as dance and loneliness as inevitability. We are all hostages of this force, with each of us all this happened. I wanted to talk about what happens after love. About those smells and sounds that each of us takes with him. About those memories that are forever inscribed in the landscape of the heart

- says the star.

Svetlana Loboda

"Americano" is arguably the singer's most impulsive and emotional work in recent memory. After all, according to the artist, the preparation lasted no more than a week, and two days before filming, LOBODA found the main character of the video work, who was able to convey with his eyes the atmosphere of autumn, as a metaphor for outgoing feelings.

The 16mm format gives a special artistry to each frame, and as is often the case with Svetlana's clips, you get the feeling that you are watching a movie in which there are no takes, where everything is frank, and where the film suddenly breaks off, and you are waiting for the continuation.

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