How long does it take to get over a breakup?
How long does it take to get over a breakup?

Learning to live after breaking up with your loved one is a real challenge.

Nobody will give an unambiguous answer to this question. As a rule, you always understand on an intuitive level when it is time to end suffering and return to normal life. No one is worried about the gap for decades, because this is clearly an inadequate position.

Is three years normal? For some, it may be. For example, if the relationship was long-term or the breakup caused too much pain.

Would it be normal to suffer a year after spending an amazing week with a man? Is it adequate to plunge into a fabulous weekend, and then look for a meeting with this "prince" for a couple of months and not imagine anyone else next to you? After all, some actually suffer for years and do not allow themselves to build relationships with someone else!

To begin with, a woman who lets a man into her life too quickly does not value herself too highly. With a stable self-esteem, she looks closely at a potential partner and is in no hurry to move the relationship to the horizontal plane. Before letting him into her life and bed, a woman accepts courtship and evaluates a man's behavior.

Often girls neglect this stage, and as a result, they let the wrong ones too early. They begin to think, make joint plans, feel an irresistible attraction, although the man has not yet made it clear that he is interested in building a serious relationship.

The truth is that a woman always chooses love by herself. When she clings to a man and tries in every possible way to keep him close too early, this suggests that she deserves just such a relationship.

the couple will melt
the couple will melt

After a wonderful week of spending time together, a woman is already inclined to start poking around in herself and think what she did wrong, if suddenly the man disappears from sight. She plunges into impossible dreams and doubts herself more and more. This is a disastrous position.

In an ideal picture, a woman needs to give a man the opportunity to express himself. She only looks at him, and he, in turn, proves to her by actions and behavior that he is a worthy partner. Often, a "hungry" woman grabs the bait in the form of empty promises, and then very painfully jumps off this hook. This happens until the woman learns to value herself.

Relationships often end after a longer period. Even if they lasted for decades, is it adequate to suffer for the rest of your life? Suffering is always your choice, albeit often unconscious.

When we part, we lose something valuable, but we should not be afraid of this at all. Pain is not a bad thing. This is just the flip side of positive developments. It's another matter when a person deliberately chooses to suffer for years and flatly refuses to stop living in this nightmare. By such actions, he puts an end to his future.

boyfriend and girlfriend broke up
boyfriend and girlfriend broke up

In my work, I often come across stories when a man disappears after a month of an amazing relationship or after months of correspondence. Women who are abandoned suffer, worry and lose all interest in life. But they didn’t even see some of their boyfriends!

If you recognize yourself in this article, ask the question: "Why am I suffering?" Indeed, aren't you giving too much importance to a person who clearly did not deserve it? After answering, think about how you really feel about yourself.

I would like this article to awaken not only those who are used to letting men into their lives too quickly, but also those who, for some reason, are experiencing a breakup after a long relationship. Allow yourself to move on. Your personal story definitely did not end there - a much happier chapter awaits you ahead. I know this for sure. Yes, I think that you understand that too.

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