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TOP 7 female mistakes that men do not forgive
TOP 7 female mistakes that men do not forgive

In order to stay in a relationship with a woman, a man is ready to forgive a lot.

But often women are mistaken in the fact that they can easily control men, and literally "bury themselves" in their own whims. They do not take into account that a man in aggression, when he is already pissed off, is absolutely unpredictable.

Yes, male patience is not endless. If a woman crosses the line of what is permissible, only parting awaits this relationship. Where is that limit?


If a woman has cheated on her man, then she is completely indifferent to her current relationship. The partner's pride after this act is irrevocably hurt. Even if the couple stays together, the man will never forget and will not forgive betrayal.


It is important for a man to feel like a head. When a woman begins to rise above him in anything, he can be patient for a while. However, if the situation does not change for a long time, he will initiate a break.

a guy and a girl in the field
a guy and a girl in the field


It is a myth that men love stupid women. Even the most patient man cannot bear the pathological female stupidity. A normal person will want to see next to him not only a beautiful, but also an intelligent companion.

Refusal of intimacy

Sometimes a man is sympathetic to rejection, but not when he has already been brought to an extreme degree of arousal. Leaving a man without a logical conclusion is a huge female mistake.

Comparison with others

Remember, your man is the only one, the smartest, the strongest, and in bed he is just God. Let him know and he will always be there.

the guy and the girl had a fight
the guy and the girl had a fight


Women's ridicule is very painful for men. If he has shared his plans or ideas with you, take it as seriously and interested as possible. Even if in your opinion he is utter nonsense.


When something does not suit you in a partner, reproaches will not help the cause. It is especially unforgivable if you make a claim in a way that makes it clear that you are worse than other men. This will not solve the situation in any way, but will only add new problems in the relationship.

When dealing with a man, you should always adhere to the rule "measure seven times, cut once." Your partner is a living person. He also has feelings, emotions and desires. Treat him the way you would like him to treat you.

I wish you to build a long-term relationship with a worthy man! Be happy!

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