How to deal with breakup pain: a rehabilitation plan
How to deal with breakup pain: a rehabilitation plan

At least once, the topic of parting touched every person. It is beautiful and romantic only in the movies, but in life, the breakup is accompanied by rather difficult experiences.

"Parting - a little death" - as the prima donna of the Russian stage once sang. This period can be passed as painlessly as possible, and now I will tell you how. Usually, the first thing we are advised to do is to distract ourselves. We are told that we should not stay within four walls and remember how good you were before. Better to keep yourself busy with something interesting. For example, start leading a more active social life.

I think the first thing to do is let yourself be grieved. You should not accumulate negative emotions in yourself - they must find a way out. 1-2 weeks are enough to feel this unpleasant event. Cry if you want. Watch tearful melodramas. Scream into your pillow. Do what you want or do nothing, but live this period.

And then I suggest you not just distract yourself, but think over the steps for self-realization. Think about what you always wanted to do but always put off? The time has come. The fact is that often after parting, especially when the relationship was long, one gets the impression of a loss of meaning in life. Doing something interesting and moving forward will bring that feeling back.

couple in love
couple in love

Ask yourself who you want to see yourself in life. What should surround you in your desire? What will your body be like? What knowledge and skills will you have? Make the most of your loneliness. This is a great time to implement projects and move in life in the direction you need. When one door closes, another always opens. Just try to find it.

In my practice, I often meet women with a dull look. They lost their meaning in life when someone important and close left them. These women are afraid that they will never again find an inner resource and the ability to enjoy life.

I help them realize that this will pass. Once they tied too much to the existence of that person, pinned their hopes on him. And when he was gone, everything fell apart like a house of cards. Now it is important to understand that you need to live for yourself, because tomorrow will be a new day. New relationship. Opening yourself up to a new one. Amazing impressions and new twists of fate. New opportunities and emotions.

Draw for yourself a positive picture of the future no matter what happened to you. Perhaps you are going through a painful separation, are left alone with your children, have lost a loved one, or have left the tyrant and boor yourself. It doesn't matter how old you are and who you were before. You need to make an effort and move forward towards a better life.

love parting
love parting

Maybe you still hope that he will return. So be it. But this will happen in the future - do not look back when you need to look only forward.

Now is a great time for you to pursue your personal goals. Now you can become the professional you want. Show yourself in creativity. Earn as you see fit. Learn to speak a foreign language. Take a trip. Look inside yourself and think about what you really want?

And finally. Most likely, you are not worried about the loss of a person, but for another reason. Drop stereotypes and look within yourself to understand the true experience. Perhaps now your plans are not being realized or you have lost your self-respect, and maybe your faith in yourself or love. The real reason is always somewhere nearby.

If you are going through this difficult period now, remember the positive stories from your life. Surely you or your loved ones have had a better relationship after a painful breakup. Believe me, this will happen to you too, if you want it. I wish you to be patient and gentle to yourself.

Be happy!

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