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How a man shows indifference: 7 main signs
How a man shows indifference: 7 main signs

According to research in male psychology, the stages of men's love almost always include a stage of doubt, when a woman, who only yesterday seemed incredibly attractive, suddenly ceases to evoke any emotions.

If you think a man is acting suspiciously, then most likely you do not think. It is very easy to check his attitude towards you - here are seven signs.

He's always busy

He has a huge number of things to do, he constantly works, studies, helps relatives and friends, or gives a million more reasons why he has not been able to meet with you for a week.

He does not get in touch

If all communication is rather poor, he answers in monosyllables or may not answer for several days, then there are two options. The first - he is really busy, the second - he is not interested in you. Try not to text him for a few days. When a man needs a woman, he will definitely find time to communicate with her.

couple in love
couple in love

You are friends

He does not see a significant difference between you and his male friends, and you sit and wait for the next step from him. However, in reality, friendship does not always develop into something more. It is best to openly discuss your relationships and expectations.

He speaks freely about other women

This means that a man considers you the same friend, because it is normal for him to discuss his adventures and share his innermost thoughts about familiar beauties. Most likely, this relationship will not develop into love.

You notice flirting with others

In a company, at a party, in a store, on a walk - no matter where, but it is obvious that a man is not averse to giving a couple of compliments to the girls around him. When he is not indifferent to a certain woman, all the rest recede into the background.

couple in love
couple in love

Your one date is like another

Once a relationship has begun, the wake-up call is that your dates are always the same. He is not trying to please you with something or invite you somewhere. Most often this happens when a woman is a backup option for a man.

A man shows indifference in every possible way

The woman makes more and more attempts to attract his attention, and he pretends that nothing is happening. Often, girls in such a situation create the illusion that this is just a game, and soon a man will definitely show himself. In fact, you deserve to be treated better. A man will always be the initiator if he needs a woman. It is a fact.

Love and respect yourself first of all. Surely somewhere another man is waiting for you, who will become "the same" for you, but you do not see him, since your thoughts are occupied by those who, alas, are not interested in you.

Be happy!

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