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Happy children - happy mom: life hacks for family holidays
Happy children - happy mom: life hacks for family holidays

How to have a good time traveling and not go crazy.

I like summer very much. For colorful landscapes literally a dozen minutes drive from the city, for magical sunset evenings, and, of course, for a vacation. In our family, it is customary that children always rest with us - only a couple of times it happened that we flew somewhere abroad without them. So I have already learned from experience how to make everyone as comfortable as possible during the trip. After all, a good mood and lightness are the key to a great vacation with your family.

I share my checklist, which I check before each trip.

Perhaps, to someone it will seem absolutely banal, but believe me: if you think over all these moments in advance, your vacation will go off with a bang. Exactly exactly.

Before the trip

Ask the children what they want

Dangerous point, I agree. But if you know for sure about the preferences of your children, you will never be mistaken in choosing a hotel. But you can also rely on the "mom's" sixth sense: it is better to choose those places where there is animation and children's rooms. Also, do not forget to check the availability of the children's menu there - it is very important so that later you do not have to look for “normal” food throughout the resort instead of the usual local burgers and fries.

Make a rough list of what you might find useful

It can be conditionally divided into 2 columns: what to send in a suitcase, and what you may need at hand. Cards, money, documents - should always be on top. Napkins, water and a snack are optional, but they will definitely not be superfluous. Do not forget chargers for gadgets and sunscreens - all this can be easily bought on the spot, but why, if you can immediately grab it from home.

Prepare a first aid kit

In order not to tempt fate, just in case it is better to take everything you need with you. The list is standard: pain relievers, diarrhea medications, antipyretics, cold remedies, antiallergic medications, motion sickness medications and individual medications for chronic diseases, if any. You can also buy vasoconstrictor nasal drops, which can help reduce ear blockages on airplanes.

Marina Aristova

On my way

Choose short-term flights

The ideal option is 3-4 hours. It is already difficult for children to fly for longer, and you, as parents, are not so comfortable. Among the closest countries with open borders are now Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Tunisia, North Macedonia and even Spain.

Prepare a little "surprise" for the kids

Collect a small gift of sweets and educational toys and allow to open it only after the plane takes off. Believe me, after such a pleasant wait, they will definitely give you time to breathe out calmly and survive this flight.

Use vasoconstrictor drops

If children have a lot of stuffing their ears during takeoff and landing, this is the best remedy. Tested in practice: 2-3 drops - and there were no childish tantrums.

Marina Aristova

Upon arrival

Don't give up on sunscreen

Even if you are in the water all the time, even if in the shade, and even if the sun does not shine at all - under no circumstances put SPF cream out of your beach bag. Renew the layer on your skin every hour, and even more often after bathing. Red noses and burnt backs are, of course, a symbol of any trip to the sea, but you can try to do without them.

Monitor your time in the water

For your peace of mind and more safety, take armbands, a vest or a circle from home. So you will definitely keep your nerves and good mood.And for the most courageous - learn to swim with children to the buoys. This family pastime is very close. It is important to sail in compliance with all safety standards. Very careful. Highly.

Patience, patience and more patience

You will need it, dear mothers. Remember that traveling with children is more for the children than for you. But one day our grown-up children will take you on vacation. And then …

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