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Perfect summer: how to spend the best time of the year with benefit and enjoyment
Perfect summer: how to spend the best time of the year with benefit and enjoyment

The secret has been revealed!

Sultry. Lung. Carefree. Passionate. This can be the summer for those who know exactly how to spend it. And although almost a whole month has passed, you can still manage to fill this time of year with vivid impressions.

So how do you make your summer perfect? I know the answer.

It all starts in the morning

It's the right start that sets the pace for the rest of the day.

Wake up. Prepare breakfast slowly. To drink coffee. Enjoy the view from the window. Only from these words a fleeting smile appears on the face: a perfect day, isn't it?

I often manage to meet the sunrises - almost every day. And in the summer they are especially beautiful. So far, I am watching them from the window of my apartment, but I would also like to meet them on the ocean or sea shore. I think it's very romantic. And besides, summer is the time of the year when such a dream is quite possible to come true.

Active pastime

When, how not to spend your days as actively as possible?

Saps, catamarans, the beach - you don't even have to travel outside the city limits for this. And also bicycles. We love to ride with the whole family.

If you want something spicy, there is always open-air salsa. Secretly: on Trukhanov Island you can take your soul away;) and there is a playroom for children.

Marina Aristova
Marina Aristova

Proper nutrition

Summer is the best time of the year to start eating right. By making your diet lighter, you can lose a few pounds. Moreover, it is completely painless.

Lots of vegetables. Fruit. And, of course, berries. And for inspiration, I will share the recipe for my favorite salad: young cabbage, yellow tomatoes, one avocado and season everything with vegetable oil. Mmm … Delicious!

At the same time, I do not mind going with friends for a barbecue: after all, protein should also be present.

I really love this time of the year. For a varied vacation, delicious food and a great opportunity to be close to your family. The main thing is that you can always come up with something.

One of the main secrets of a perfect summer is to solve all your psychological issues and get into your personal "Zen". Then true happiness comes. Then pleasure comes.

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