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Comfortable weight loss: how to eat, while losing weight and be happy
Comfortable weight loss: how to eat, while losing weight and be happy

There are some simple rules, following which, you can lose weight, while not denying yourself your favorite food.

Over the course of my life, I have tried many different diets: intermittent fasting, and intuitive eating, and the Japanese diet, and the Dukan diet, and some kind of grapefruit diet. But the only conclusion I have come to is that they don't work. The most effective way is proper nutrition. And I have been adhering to its principles for many years.

The first thing to realize is that eating healthy is not about restrictions. It's about taking care of yourself

I excluded flour, excluded sweet, fried - simply because I know how such foods affect my body. I choose what gives me energy, and does not take it away. I eat a lot of meat, fish, but even more - greens. I drink water. If alcohol - then only dry wine, and infrequently, 1-2 times a week. I don't drink carbonated drinks.

When time is short, there is always a temptation to eat something harmful. To quickly raise blood sugar levels and invigorate. But for the same purpose, you can choose other products.

For example, avocado. This is a healthy fat that quickly satisfies hunger and does not accumulate in folds on the body. You can eat it in the evenings and in the morning - whenever you like. Just recently, with an expert in the studio, we figured out how to make a quick and nutritious snack - toast with avocado and poached egg.

If you need to speed up your metabolism, greens are the best helper. Salads, microgreen - whatever. With such an addition, food is digested many times faster, and you feel more vigorous (and even another cup of coffee may not be needed).

Losing weight is a slow and gradual process

Quick results are always stress for the body, and the kilograms lost in a few days will always return in double volume in the future. Yes, for a while the figure will be beautiful, but health … it will suffer. And that's definitely not what we're aiming for, is it?

After the second pregnancy, I lost weight only six months later. And after the last one, 1, 5-2 kg are still left, which do not go away in any way. But I fell in love with them - and this is the main secret.

But if you still need to quickly come to the desired figure on the scales, you can do it with maximum care of yourself.

  • There is one life hack … We exclude everything from the diet, except for salads and herbs with any oil - olive, coconut, sesame … Add protein: meat or fish. Servings should be small - about 300-350 g of food with each meal.

And that's all - we drink water and watch how quickly and comfortably the weight goes away, and a relief appears on the body.

It is important under any circumstances to remember that the only thing that works miracles is self-love. And you need to strive for it, and not for the ideal figure.

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