What is inspiration and how to get it at will?
What is inspiration and how to get it at will?

Inspiration is an extremely fickle thing. Sometimes it comes when there is no need for it, but when a lot of things are on the nose, as luck would have it, you will not get it.

The poets say that they fly like bees and bring us their songs, collected from honey springs in the gardens and groves of the Muses. And they tell the truth: a poet is a light, winged and sacred being; he can create no earlier than he becomes inspired and frenzied and there is no more reason in him; while a person has this property, no one is able to create and broadcast.

© Plato

They say that inspiration has no schedule, and its elusiveness attracts many, but not everyone is rewarded with regular visits. Inspiration is a state of lightness, enthusiasm, and creativity. The feeling that everything is within the power, everything works out. It raises the level of productivity and energy, the emotional and cognitive parts of the personality structure are connected and directed towards the fulfillment of a single task.

Since ancient times, people, especially those of a creative and scientific kind of activity - working with the unknown, have always wanted to have a muse near them, who, with their benevolence, would give strength, enthusiasm and new ideas. For this purpose, ceremonies and rituals were invented, calling for the patronage of a person in his endeavors.


Since inspiration is a positively charged emotion that turns into a mood, it necessarily causes hormonal changes - a hormonal cocktail of happiness is released in the brain and body. The "Joyful Three" - serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin - together work wonders for our condition.

  • Serotonin - a hormone and neurotransmitter that contributes to the knowledge of the world and a positive effect on motor function - the state of "rolling mountains".
  • Dopamine - a natural motivator that encourages you to act for the benefit of pleasure and joy.
  • Oxytocin - a hormone of trust, giving a feeling of being needed and of one's personal place “under the sun”.

For the synthesis of these hormones, firstly, it is necessary to eat good, high-quality and healthy food. Eating nutritious foods rich in tryptophan (legumes, chocolate, seafood, nuts, cheese) significantly improves mood already due to the fact that the body has something to “build” joyful hormones from.

A person who is "in an embrace" with inspiration can become more influential, gain the power to lead and persuade. This is such a state that everyone, without exception, likes, why not then learn how to invoke it on your own? Along with stimulation with proper nutrition, there is a well-known toolkit - emotional intelligence. Inspiration and the inherent rise of strength can be invoked by ways of managing emotional-sensual states.

The “greats” advise, to create a profound feeling of a state of inspiration, to sit in a house by the sea (Hemingway, Khakamada, Salvador Dali), or to use a situation in which the injustice of being is especially acutely experienced, associated with the limitation of the basic human need - freedom (Miguel de Cervantes), or drive yourself into a state of resource stress (Chernihiv) …

So, following their advice, check if comfortable do you even? Are you calm or nervous? Maybe a little tired? Inspiration is a state of lightness, so take care of yourself and, first of all:

  • rest properly;
  • Treat yourself to a slow walk in the fresh air;
  • take a break from work;
  • turn your attention to something else that you need right now.

If you have difficulties with new ideas - go out into the world or, on the contrary, dive inside - this will give you food for thought. Trips, meeting new people and activities, concerts and movies can fill you with innovative ideas and shake you off outdated and worn-out patterns. Perhaps you need the opposite - delve into the inner world with the help meditations, introspection and concentration. Calming the rational mind, a state of serenity and lightness, can bring an unusually powerful stream of ingenious ideas and ways of creation.

Listen to yourself, try what is responding right now … Look into the secret corners of your heart and sincerely ask yourself: "What inspires me?" Next - make a list of answers from the corresponding events, phenomena, people, circumstances and things … Having received the answers, you can easily produce it when necessary.

Creative people often say that inspiration is the night visitor. In the evening, the body is more relaxed, the noise of the city, both auditory and energy-informational, decreases, and a kind of space for flight appears. On the contrary, for larks - inspiration comes in the morning, lifting them out of bed. It all depends on the individual characteristics of a person - his biorhythms, habits and temperament. But what always works in inspiration for sure - quality sleep - the guarantee of health and pleasant well-being, which means that by all means, calling on the muse, you should get enough sleep.

If what you are doing is not interesting to you, it is unlikely that you will be able to evoke inspiration. Perhaps you are interested in the object of the effort, watching for the skill of others, looking at finished works, communicating with the most skilled craftsmen and inspired by their example.

Inspiration comes when you work.

© Gabriel García Márquez

Of course, we hear stories on a daily basis about how, thanks to inspiration, brilliant projects and ideas are born. They increase our vitality and include in us the emotion of interest, and as an example they give us, albeit a short-term, but still, inspiration - "if someone could, then I can too" …

the girl looks at the picture
the girl looks at the picture

But! There is one huge "But" here! These stories about finding inspiration, play with our minds, giving "do nothing" to "do nothing" before the arrival of this very inspiration. And if you don't want to depend on it and be a victim of procrastination and delayed action, then you can use a tool that works without fail. When you have a deadline, just write a plan for its implementation and, turning on the will, follow it unconditionally.

And the amount of diligence directed at one point of the application will inevitably turn into proper quality. It is this personality trait - to include willpower and to “wriggle”, without waiting for an inspired place and time, that is a distinctive feature of not just a professional, and not even a master, but an artisan. It is these specialists who have the highest value in the labor market and the highest income in business. After all, their performance is not conditioned, but self-sufficient and reliable.

Find your source of inspiration, Use your personal "rituals" and your muse will come to visit, when you need it - simply, easily and productively. But, at the same time, cherish the will, efficiency, inner discipline, and your personal victories will become not isolated cases, but the law of your being.

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