Easy upgrade: learning youth slang and updating wardrobe with Andre Tan
Easy upgrade: learning youth slang and updating wardrobe with Andre Tan

Andre Tan Kids brand develops and grows together with its consumers.

The brand's clothing is suitable not only for little fashionistas, but also helps the demanding generation of teenagers express themselves. The Andre Tan Kids brand is now renamed to - Andre Tan Easy.

When my daughter, Sonya, at the age of six, announced that she was no longer little, I thought about her words. The new generation Z and alpha no longer associate themselves with the child, they think much older. Clothes in our Andre Tan Kids stores are suitable for children and teenagers up to 15 years old, so we decided to rename the brand to - Andre Tan Easy! These are clothes in which you can live and dissect the vastness of the city, go to class in the morning, and then go on a first date.

- says Andre Tan.

Andre Tan

Be closer to your child, share his mood, respect hobbies and speak the same language with him. We have prepared a new collection, and it's awesome! (ed.kife, cool)

Upgrade your autumn wardrobe just like Anna Trincher, a Ukrainian singer and actress, a top tick-toker, whose opinion is trusted by millions of teenagers.

Andre Tan

Anya Trincher on easy (ed. Easily, without difficulty) chose images for study, walks and rest.

  • A white shirt with slogans and a basic sundress will create the best web (ed. Atmosphere, mood) for going to school.
  • A velor suit with a crop top is a healthy lifestyle in the name of a sport-chic image and vice versa. Submit your link to the suit today and have your parents donate (ed.payment).
  • The fuchsia dress Fedora is the trend color of the fall-winter season 21-22. Lush sleeves, with an accent ruffle on the shoulder line and elastic at the hem - everything will be appreciated by LP (ed. Best friend).
Dress color

A sweatshirt with comics, where the Foam Cat will talk about his feline adventures, will make your whole company swear (ed. Laughing out loud). Pair the sweatshirt with leggings and rough boots

  • All fashionable women of the country will be flexing (ed., Showing off, showing off) in a bright jacket and leggings with strips.
  • A miniskirt with voluminous pockets and flying ribbons, combined with a cropped jacket, will not give you the opportunity to calmly chill (rest) at home. Take a walk!
Andre Tan
André Tan is the most famous designer in Ukraine and he has incredible recognition. All this might not have happened if he had not been so talented. My selection of clothes in the teenage collection is mega-stylish and modern pieces. Very often, parents choose clothes for their children themselves, and this is not always a good choice. For most mums and dads, quality is a priority, but quality doesn't mean style. Andre Tan Easy - the perfect combination of fashion, quality and value

- comments Anna Trincher.

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