Spring / Summer 2021 Trends: Adapting Unusual Options For Wearable
Spring / Summer 2021 Trends: Adapting Unusual Options For Wearable

Trends are not at all basic things, they are often bright, they can be flashy, attract attention, they can have character, and in order for them to work for you and your wardrobe, you need to be able to work with them.

I will give you one simple but important advice that will help you harmoniously apply trendy things in your looks: use no more than two trendy things in one look.

Once you've assembled your basic wardrobe, where everything fits together perfectly, start adding trends and accents in a neat little way.

If you did not seek the help of a stylist, but are trying to assemble a stylish and up-to-date wardrobe on your own, this approach will help you not to overdo it and slowly but surely find “your own trends” that will decorate and complement you.

Now let's move on to the trends themselves, and see how they can be adapted into our images.

Milfleur - floral print

And it doesn't have to be girlish romance in the form of airy dresses.

Trendy prints can be implemented neatly, adding an accent with only one thing: a jacket, a strip on the skirt, or quite boldly, jeans.

Milfleur - floral print

Milfleur - floral print

Milfleur - floral print

Large knitting

Having looked at the examples, of course, not everyone will be ready to immediately purchase a knitted dress and introduce it into their wardrobe in the spring of 2021. But if we go further and start adapting this trend into our everyday wardrobe, we can at least choose a bright, trendy knitted bag instead of the usual basic one, or take risks more carefully and look for a knitted cardigan of an unusual shade - and it will already be stylish!

Large knitting Large knitting Large knitting

Fresh and catchy colors

Of course, not everyone likes to wear clothes in flashy shades, and among those who do, not everyone finds it easy to combine them and feel comfortable. But if we start to introduce at least one bright color into monochromatic images, it will be a huge step towards bold and stylish images. After trying to add one color, and feeling confident, try adding another one. But in everyday wardrobe, there should not be many different shades - it is easier to make a mistake, let there be a maximum of 3, and leave more for streetstyle.

Fresh and catchy colors Fresh and catchy colors

Fresh and catchy colors

Dress over trousers

Probably the most unusual trend and rather difficult to develop. But, if only you want to dare to take this step, remember: let it be one color and a similar texture, so it will be easier for you to combine. Let's look at examples: one shade / one fabric.

Dress over trousers Dress over trousers Dress over trousers

Robes over clothes

Designers still do not want to let us go to simple and minimalistic images: if not dresses over trousers, so do dressing gowns over clothes.

But I'll tell you, it's stylish, it's bright and bold. We will definitely leave dressing gowns at home, but picking up a tight dressing gown in ethno-motives and collecting a natural or even boho from a basic image … the result is worth trying. Basic things as a base and a bright printed robe made of thick fabric.

Robes over clothes Robes over clothes Robes over clothes

The main thing is to remember that there are special rules in the style and the world of fashion, and if you know them, then breaking these rules, you can create the brightest, harmonious and stylish images!

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