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How to choose the right jewelry for your face so that they really decorate
How to choose the right jewelry for your face so that they really decorate

Jewelry - like a cherry on a cake, should complement the image, emphasizing the best qualities of appearance.

Unfortunately, many girls do not wear jewelry or wear them incorrectly, and do not enjoy the reflection in the mirror. Basically, this problem arises precisely from ignorance of what kind of appearance and what jewelry are suitable.

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In order for things and jewelry to fulfill their function and to decorate us, let's take a look at some points that will help us to work correctly with jewelry.

Proportionality: do not get lost against the background of jewelry

First of all, it is important to determine your height, proportions, volumes.

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For short and petite girls, it is very important to choose jewelry of the smallest, smallest and medium sizes. Choosing a piece of jewelry that is larger than average, there is a risk of “getting lost” against its background.

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For girls of average height and physique, it is optimal to choose jewelry close to the average size, while maintaining a balance of proportions. If you choose a very large piece of jewelry and do not balance it with anything, there is a risk of distorting the appearance. Therefore, it is more advantageous for the appearance to always make a choice in the direction of jewelry that is suitable in size.

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The situation is exactly the same for tall and large girls: pay attention to medium and larger than average jewelry. Thus, you correctly emphasize your appearance, and do not distort the proportions. If you choose a very small piece of jewelry, it will not just get lost, but it may play incorrectly on proportions, making you deliberately more voluminous, even if you have no questions about volumes.

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Shade: remove pallor and fatigue with the right shade

Some intuitively prefer gold, some choose silver and guess. But it happens that you can miscalculate with a shade. This comes from the fact that each of us is unique and each has a different skin tone. Someone has it closer to warm, someone - to cold, someone - something between warm and cold.

If you have a cold skin tone, conditional gold will add fatigue to your face, highlighting redness or puffiness: due to the contrast of cold skin and warm metal.

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Exactly and vice versa. For those with warm skin, warm metals will do and will refresh, while cold metals will accentuate imperfections and unevenness of the skin.

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Take a closer look, compare in natural light, which suits you best, and feel free to choose the metal that refreshes you.

Shape: "geometry collects", "softness relaxes"

Only a professional stylist will help to accurately determine and correctly work with specific characteristics of appearance. Therefore, if you feel that you are puzzling over your appearance and do not know how to properly work with a wardrobe, jewelry, accessories, it is easier to solve such moments with a specialist.

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There are many criteria for determining the individual characteristics of the appearance: these are thirds, and geometry, and softness, and proportions, and tone-subtone. All this is extremely important in order to work correctly with jewelry and things, and correctly emphasize your appearance.

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In order not to get confused about which piece of jewelry to choose, I will give a simple advice: regardless of the shape and characteristics of your face, sharp and geometric shapes of jewelry will emphasize sharpness and severity, and soft, smooth shapes will add tenderness and romance.And if your goal is to be more collected, choose geometric and sharp shapes, but if the goal is the opposite, choose smooth and rounded shapes.

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