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How to define and choose your style of clothing to look perfect
How to define and choose your style of clothing to look perfect

There are many styles in clothes, but it is important to find your own in order to feel as comfortable and stylish as possible, and to be yourself.

Let's go over the basics and figure out what styles exist and how they work with each other.

The basis of all styles of our time is casual style. Everyone knows him, and often without realizing and choosing even a romantic or sporty image, there is a considerable degree of probability that the main image will be just casual.

Other styles rather complement the casual, adding their own notes and moods, and here are a few of them we will deal with below. Read, watch and get inspired, which will be closer to you - perhaps here you will find a style that you have not yet considered, but have been looking for for a long time.

Romantic style

These are light, airy fabrics, pastel and soft shades, tenderness, lightness, girlish mood and flirtatiousness. Here we include the same floral prints, small geometry, birds and animals, as well as ruffles, bows, frills and other draperies.

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It is most easily and harmoniously used by young girls who love and feel exactly the same: in a romantic, uplifting mood, inspired and in love. Very cozy and soft style, and if this mood is close to you, you can feel free to get to know romance better.

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Dramatic style

An elegant and mysterious story, where velvet, satin, dark and deep colors, extraordinary cuts and shapes are in place. This style is about expressing yourself, showing courage, sexuality and character.

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When choosing a dramatic style, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to wear all the best at once: just add an emerald velvet blouse to a classic pencil skirt, classic boat shoes and complete the look with a bag and jewelry. Balance is important in everything, especially in a dramatic style in everyday life.

clothing style clothing style clothing style

Natural style

Revealing natural beauty, we emphasize naturalness and freshness. Shades of beige, sand, brown, olive, fabrics are natural, breathable and simple.

clothing style clothing style

A popular style that combines restraint, femininity and nobility. To get out of the dark colors of winter looks, you can pay attention to the natural style, taking it as a basis - so you can definitely feel a breath of fresh air and add lightness and simplicity to your wardrobe.

clothing style clothing style clothing style


One of the most comfortable and popular styles that can be found almost on the carpet nowadays. Everything is simple here: the main thing is comfort and convenience. But the main elements are worth highlighting: sneakers, shorts, sports jackets, polos, banana bags.

clothing style clothing style

And it's important to understand that a sporty look doesn't necessarily imply acid shades and elaborate prints. It is enough to add to the image of white sneakers and a banana, and this can boldly send us to sport chic.

clothing style clothing style clothing style


Someone will say that the lightest and simplest style is unremarkable and not always relevant. But as a stylist, I disagree: minimalism is a very important and complex style. Through a straight cut, the absence of unnecessary details, a minimum of shades, it conveys the character and values ​​of a person with just a few things, which in other styles is created by accessories, different textures and layers.

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Suitable for consideration for straightforward, confident in their position, sometimes even conservative, women who know what they need from life. I would add that minimalism is like the opposite of dramatic style.

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