TOP 6 signs that give out a lack of taste in clothes
TOP 6 signs that give out a lack of taste in clothes

In this article I will reveal 6 steps, following which you will avoid bad taste in your images!

"Yana, they don't argue about tastes!" - you say. And you will be 100% right. Let's then replace the word "taste" with "sense of style." Surely this will make it more comfortable to receive some recommendations from an expert stylist. In general, I have prepared 6 very easy and understandable rules. It will be available to each of you. However, to do it or not - the choice is only yours. Well, let's get started.

Step 1. Get rid of outdated clothing models

Oh, how I resent (to put it mildly) seeing clothes with outdated styles in stores, boutiques and showrooms. And I definitely don’t blame you for buying these clothes. After all, we tend to trust these very stores. Well, they won't sell us "not fashionable" clothes, will they?

Taking advantage of this, sellers beautifully sell us things that not only do not paint us, but also spoil in some places. “Hello, are you a time machine driver? Take these things back to 2001, please. Thanks to."

How to save the situation? In fact, everything is fixable. We develop contemplation. We watch shows, analyze images. We read stylists. Remember that we not only refuse to buy outdated models, but also rid our wardrobe of those already living there. You can also invite a stylist to parse the wardrobe, which will also clarify the situation.

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Step 2. Skepticism about fine knitwear

I can list 100,500 reasons why thin jersey should not be worn. At a minimum, he often emphasizes any, the slightest flaws in the figure. Especially if you have a desire to visually hide or reduce something. As a maximum, it looks, sorry, cheap.

Such knitwear can also be found in the open spaces of stores. However, remember my words and choose products from denser knitwear. This applies both to blouses (tops, longsleeves, T-shirts) and to skirts and dresses.

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Step 3. Say "NO" to natural fur

Well, it's not for nothing that such famous Fashion Houses as Valentino, Victoria Beckham, Karl Lagerfeld, Prada Group, Chanel, Versace and many others have long abandoned the use of natural fur.

"Fur? I am no longer involved in this. I don't want to kill animals for fashion. This is wrong,”said Donatella Versace. On my own behalf, I will say that this is not only wrong, now it is no longer considered beautiful.

Be like Donatella - wear faux fur. Moreover, many models look just amazing!

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Step 4. The relevance of makeup

At 32, I signed up for a make-up for myself course. To say that this is wonderful is to say nothing. Because an experienced makeup artist will teach you how to use cosmetics correctly and tell you about trends.

Now I really love my makeup. But in general, I must say that a light, nude make-up with accents on blush and highlighter is relevant. And a well-groomed look and clean skin will always be in trend.

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Step 5. Add accessories

What do I mean by accessories? Remember: bags, shoes, tights, socks. Also scarves on the head (there are many options for how to tie them) and not only on the head, various hairpins. Of course, jewelry: pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets. Glasses, belts, brooches - there too.

The main thing is to add up-to-date models. Believe me, adding accents in the form of accessories will improve your look a hundred times.

stylish images stylish images stylish images stylish images stylish images stylish images

Step 6. Pointing out worn-out things to the door

How is it worn out? Stretched out, washed, torn and not subject to restoration, faded things. That is, with any defects. And also those things that are not for us in shape (large or small). We boldly and without regrets get rid of them.

As you can see, everything is both simple and complex at the same time.Many may disagree with me. And that's okay. The main thing is to make you comfortable. And who is ready to pump - implement these steps. And remember - choose clothes with your heart.

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