What fabrics and textures will we wear in spring 2021?
What fabrics and textures will we wear in spring 2021?

A complete guide to the trendiest fabrics, prints and textures for spring 2021.

For many years my wardrobe consisted of 90% black. Well, why not? After all, once a saleswoman in the market where you try on jeans on a cardboard box, responsibly declared that black is slimming. Did she know that this would affect my wardrobe? Maybe then I would have come up with something more interesting.

Moving away from the topic, I want to make 2 statements! First, there are many ways to visually stretch your figure and appear slimmer. And just black is not one of them. Second, even a black look can look very stylish if you know some tricks. But, these are completely different stories, rather for other articles. Indeed, today we will analyze the spring-summer 2021 shows and find out what will be at the peak of popularity. Go.

By the way, perhaps some of the images will surprise you and slightly shock you. But let's exhale and pay attention to the details of the image: fabrics and textures.

Floral print

Surprised? I think no. Where are we without a floral print in spring and summer? In this case, flowers can be any: small, huge, decorating one item of clothing or the whole image. It's up to you, ladies. Even a floral print on a T-shirt will make the look more trendy.

Floral print Floral print Floral print Floral print


Who doesn't love to jump into your favorite jeans and drive on business? But that's not really about that. This time, the designers presented denim in a very interesting, modern cut. By the way, denim inserts in clothes look very stylish!

Denim Denim Denim Denim


These can be sequins, shiny fabrics, or patches. The main thing is that it all shines! For the most daring, the whole sequin look will do. And for girls of a calmer disposition - one decorated piece of clothing. This season, you must shine!

Sequins Sequins Sequins Sequins


The grid has also become a decoration for many shows. Of course, if you think that the mesh is a decoration. From the mesh can be either a separate part of the image (skirt) or an accent cape. It's up to you to choose.

Net Net Net Net

Foil fabrics

I do not know if such a word "foil" exists in nature, but it will definitely be clear. Personally, I am delighted with this trend. I think you will like it too.

Foil fabrics Foil fabrics Foil fabrics Foil fabrics

Leather and eco-leather

As a big animal lover, I will insist on eco-leather. Skirts, dresses, overalls, raincoats … It doesn't matter. You are in trend!

Foil fabrics Foil fabrics Foil fabrics Foil fabrics

Grandma's lace

Suddenly? Agree. Remember how our grandmothers decorated sideboards and TVs with knitted napkins? We can safely put on these napkins. I'm joking, of course, but it becomes clear what kind of lace we are talking about!

Grandma's lace Grandma's lace Grandma's lace Grandma's lace

I hope you have now decided what exactly you will wear this spring. Perhaps they realized that they needed to buy in addition. Be brave, experiment, and most importantly - choose clothes with your heart!

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