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These are the eyes: how to make beautiful makeup for those who wear glasses
These are the eyes: how to make beautiful makeup for those who wear glasses

If you still think that makeup and glasses do not go together, you are extremely mistaken.

Our eyes are a work of art and our glasses are a beautiful frame for a painting. It is the glasses that direct attention to our eyeliner, eyelashes and eyelids. So there is ample reason for eye makeup to look great.

How to properly apply makeup if you wear glasses? Here are some tips to make sure your makeup and glasses match perfectly.

Use less foundation

One of the most common problems is dents, red marks and abrasions that leave the soft pads of the glasses on the bridge of the nose. Obviously, the thicker the foundation layer, the more noticeable the dents will be.

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Therefore, when you apply foundation, try to make a very thin layer on the nose, and in those places where you need a tighter overlap, apply concealer. Also, try to use a matte foundation or powder on your nose so that the glasses do not slip on the bridge of the nose.

Pay special attention to your eyebrows

Depending on the frame, your eyebrows may be more or less visible. If the frames are thin, graceful and more rounded, the eyebrows will be accentuated, so it is worth spending a little more time keeping them neat and well-groomed. If the frames are thicker and more rectangular, do not spend too much time on the eyebrows, as they will not be visible.

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Remember that if your lenses enlarge the area around your eyes, your eyebrow regrowth will be more noticeable, so keep tweezers handy to pull out excess hairs.

Use eyeliner and eyeshadow

A sure-fire way to highlight your eyes is with eyeliner. Whether you draw a subtle line between your lashes to create the illusion of extra volume, or emphasize the almond shape with a beautifully drawn arrow, the rules for matching your eyeliner to your lenses are the same.

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If you are concerned that your lenses are enlarging your eyes too much and want to avoid bulging, line your eyes with a darker, smoky liner, especially along the eye line. If glasses visually make your eyes smaller, expand them with a light eyeliner along the damp line of the lower eyelid and a beautiful arrow above the upper eyelashes. Stick to lighter shades (like champagne or pale brown pastel shades), you can even use shimmers a little more.

Another trick is to choose the thickness of the eyeliner in accordance with the thickness of the frame. On thin frames, the eyeliner should be thinner, and if the frames are larger, slightly thicker.

Curl your eyelashes

When it comes to lashes or extensions, give preference to curling the lashes over their length. This gives the effect of long and voluminous lashes, but your lashes will not touch the glass every time you blink.

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If your lashes are already long enough, it may be worth switching to waterproof mascara when wearing glasses so that the product will not clump or smudge on the lenses during the day.

Use concealer

The glasses provide additional shadows to the eye area, and if you are wearing magnifying lenses, they further accentuate existing dark circles under the eyes and reveal all the imperfections in makeup. The ideal solution in the fight against shadows under the eyes is to use a reflective concealer.

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The concealer will hide imperfections, brighten the area around the eyes, smooth out wrinkles and give the skin a fresh, radiant complexion.

Fight the fog

With the introduction of face masks into our daily lives, eyeglass wearers have been struggling with foggy lenses for over a year. Aside from not being able to see, which is bad enough, foggy lenses also means no one can see you behind them. In addition, excess moisture can smudge the eyeliner and cause mascara to leak.

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To avoid this, use an anti-fogging agent on your glasses. While not technically makeup, it is one of the main steps in maintaining it throughout the day.

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