3 easy exercises for firmer buttocks you can do at home
3 easy exercises for firmer buttocks you can do at home

Beautiful curves in just a month of exercise!

Do you want a strong and beautiful ass, but don’t agree to buy a whole subscription for this? This is not necessary! There are exercises for the buttocks that you can do at home, get a quick and good effect, and still save money.

But for this you need to strictly observe the entire sequence of stages: with stretching, warm-up and hitching, without removing a single exercise.


Stretching is a must to prepare for an effective activity. This will help your muscles become pliable, elastic, prevent injury and help to create relief.

Exercises for the buttocks involve the following warm-up: sit down on one leg, and the other straight. Stretch out as much as possible in this position, turn your body to the toe and stretch. After rolling from one knee to another, repeat. Do this 5 times on each side.


After bending your front knee, lean towards it and extend your hind leg as far as possible. One minute for each leg.

exercises for the buttocks

After get up, hands shoulder-width apart. Bend over, reaching with your fingers to the floor and stand there, breathing evenly. After grabbing your calves with your palms and standing still a little more. Come up slowly.

Warm up

Time to disperse the blood and get ready for the stress. This requires a warm-up. Put your feet wider, spread your socks, put your hands on your feet. Jump 15 times, landing softly on your toes.

exercises for the buttocks at home for girls

Walk from one side of the room to the next, lifting your knees high and sweeping your socks up to your buttocks.

fitness exercises for the buttocks


The most effective glute exercise is squats. If you want to tighten them up, not increase them, focus on the heel when squatting. You can also use dumbbells or a heavy-duty backpack to weight the squat for better effect. Squat at least 30 times.


The shoulder bridge will make your buttocks bumpy and firm. Lie on your back, bend your legs and lift the body up to the shoulder blades, straining the buttocks. For weight, you can pick up a dumbbell or a bottle of water. 50-70 times.

how to pump up the buttocks

Swinging your back leg will help your buttocks get a toned, rounded shape. To do this, get on all fours and alternately push your legs up, 40-60 times for each.



To consolidate the exercise, you must definitely do a cool down. Bend over with your fingers on the floor and completely relax. Feel how the muscles of the buttocks stretch. Wait for about a minute. Breathe evenly. Get up slowly, vertebra by vertebra.


Ready! After a month of regular exercise, you just don't recognize your buttocks!

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