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How to resolve conflicts so as not to bring the relationship to the brink of rupture?
How to resolve conflicts so as not to bring the relationship to the brink of rupture?

The host of the acute social project "One for All" at STB Sergey Kostyra, as a certified psychologist, developed the topic of the correct resolution of conflicts.

No assaults and manipulations, but only through compromise and respect for each other. How to be able to solve any conflict in a pair, so that it does not become a final point, read in the material.

Compromise is your helper in conflict

In any conflict, it is important to understand that both are to blame. You need to understand the other side and not forget that you are partners. And partners are responsible one for the other, and not personalized for themselves. In a relationship, your own ego is bifurcated and there is such a word as compromise. Somewhere you can keep silent, but somewhere you give in, so that the pair has a balance.

There are people who do not know how to do this. If they want to maintain a relationship, I recommend that you always go to a psychologist. He becomes a moderator in your relationship and helps you make certain decisions. In no case should you be ashamed or afraid of going to a psychologist. After all, it is worse when a person drinks down their mental wounds with alcohol. It will never help.

In a conflict, you can always find a compromise - it is important to explain your position reasonably. Where people cannot explain logically, they get emotional. You need to demonstrate your emotional state: sadness, anger or tears. But you should never manipulate him.

couple in love
couple in love


In any conflict, phrases such as “you don’t love me”, “you don’t want me”, “don’t wait” and “don’t appreciate” will not lead to a solution. It is important to convey a thought through your emotions.

For example, a man came home late. An agitated girl will most often ask “where have you been ?!”. And I would advise you to say "I was worried."

No raids and interrogations. To do everything so that he himself would share with you what happened to him and why he had to return home later.

Mechanisms of psychology

From the point of view of psychology, our brain is sharpened for images.

When a person pauses in a conversation, the partner has thoughts that at this moment he is thinking how to quickly fade away.

This pause should not be allowed. You need to communicate non-verbally and verbally. And to show that you are close to this person and in no case wanted to offend him on purpose.

couple in love
couple in love

There is a simple mechanism in psychology: if, in a conversation with an irritated person, you start resistance, it will annoy him even more. Therefore, it is worth agreeing that you are wrong, if there is one, and show respect for your soul mate. So that she can see - your relationship and her feelings are not indifferent to you.

In which case is the conflict not resolved?

If only one person from a couple sees a certain problem in the relationship, he should tell his partner about his feelings. If he does not understand, involve a psychologist. And if even then he does not want to hear you, it is better to break off this relationship. It is important to remember that when a partner shows indifference, you need to put an end to it.

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