How to punish a child correctly: the opinion of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev
How to punish a child correctly: the opinion of psychologist Dmitry Karpachev

In the Supermama project at STB, moms continue to compete for the title of the best. One of the heroines was Lena, a careerist mother.

Together with her husband, Lena is raising three children. In the release of the Supermama project, the participant noted that there is a system of punishments for disobedience in their house. Is this correct - said Dmitry Karpachev.

As soon as the rivals entered Lena's house, they saw the heroine's sons, who washed the battery from their "arts". Dmitry immediately noted that this is correct.

Lena takes the right approach to parenting. Already from two or three years old, children should be involved in cleaning after themselves if they have littered. This is how children begin to understand the causal relationship of their actions and learn to take responsibility for them.

- the expert shared.

How to punish a child correctly

For the very first offense, the mother punished the sons in front of guests - the guys had to squat just in the kitchen. In addition, the boys told the heroines about the most severe punishment in their house - going to the basement. The rivals were simply horrified! Lena explained that dad could send the sons there so that they cool down and calm down.

Punishments in parenting are very important, but you need to do it right. Do not harm physical or mental health, do not humiliate the child, for one offense there should be one timely punishment. Positive is the presence of a scale when the size of the punishment or reward corresponds to the scale of the act committed. In such conditions, children do not feel injustice and understand that what happens to them is a consequence of their actions. It is a normal punishment to send the child to be alone and calm down in a separate place, but if you choose the basement as a place of calmness, make sure that the children are safe there. This should be a place of solitude, not a punishment cell.

- Dmitry Karpachev explains.

How to punish a child correctly

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