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Online dating: disassembling and refuting 3 main myths
Online dating: disassembling and refuting 3 main myths

On February 9, the whole world celebrates Safe Internet Day. The purpose of the holiday is to inform about the safe use of the World Wide Web.

Today the Internet has become a part of our life. Online you can order food, a taxi, find a doctor, and even a soul mate. But how to do it safely, said Irina Zaitseva.

By the way, she also met her husband on the vastness of the world wide web.

Myth # 1 - there are losers and perverts on dating sites

It is not true! Of course, there are enough of those who will be looking for sex for one night on dating sites. But there are also many serious-minded, decent men who simply cannot find a mate offline due to lack of time.

And if during a meeting in public places it is not immediately clear whether a person is free and open to acquaintance, then a huge plus of special sites is that these are specialized sites where they come to get to know each other.

girl with laptop
girl with laptop

Myth # 2 - dating sites for desperate women

In the modern world, there is nothing shameful and terrible when looking for a couple online. This method of acquaintance is especially relevant when the whole world is in quarantine.

Myth number 3 - it's easy to find a soul mate on the Internet

Not everyone is lucky to meet a decent man the first time in real life, and even more so in virtual life. It may take a while to find the one.

Safe dating

Nickname for the profile

Better to use your name. Do not call yourself unnecessarily mysterious, for example, Yours, or playfully like Bunnies, etc. Such a nickname will attract appropriate men who are not in the mood for a serious relationship.

Mark up a decent photo

If you're looking for a serious relationship, skip the swimsuit photo. It is better not to publish nude and semi-nude pictures. Also, do not retouch the photo too much so that the charm of you does not change to disappointment when you meet.

girl with tablet
girl with tablet

Observe safety

Do not rush to tell the interlocutor your last name, address of residence and phone number, do not give links to social networks. To get started, communicate through internal correspondence on the site. Do not give money, even if the interlocutor's request for help is accompanied by a heartbreaking story. If you feel that the interlocutor is pressing you in the correspondence, or you are uncomfortable communicating with him, it is better to listen to your intuition and stop communicating.

Spend your first date on neutral territory, in a crowded place, because you must have escape routes. Also, when going to a meeting, tell your loved ones or friends where and with whom you are going. And at the meeting, do not drink a lot of alcohol, do not leave your belongings unattended, and generally be vigilant.

Successful dating!

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