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Where does low self-esteem come from and how to fix it
Where does low self-esteem come from and how to fix it

The very word "self-esteem" already has its meaning. This is how we represent and evaluate ourselves, our qualities and capabilities, our place among other people.

All those circumstances, places, spaces, people that make us need to experience again and again a kaleidoscope of not entirely sweet emotions - these are our desks, these are our classes, these are our universities, schools of life, which we ourselves are chosen, thought up and ordered. We planned them for ourselves on a dui contract in case we do sleep deeply.

The deeper we sleep, the more such desks, classes, schools and universities we have! The more places we have in which we are “forced” to study.

What bad thoughts about yourself lead to

Why is this? Of course, not in order to punish us or mock us, not so that we suffer, thinking that only this is the meaning of life. In fact, this is not the case. In fact, this is a game that is present in the dimension of sleep, illusion. In the dimension, one might say, of consciousness, which is childish or youthful - but definitely not mature and not adult.

From the point of view of psychology, eniology, mentality, this is available to CHILDREN and this is normal. It is normal not to know something, to get bumps, to gain experience. But, if we are over 20 years old, and especially if over 27 years old, this is the age of freedom from generic patterns, when we are able to fully consciously, mature from an adult standpoint to perceive all the circumstances of life and look at them with the eyes of gratitude. And I know for sure that many of us have these pieces of non-adulthood and immaturity, otherwise we would not have gathered in the common spaces of marathons and self-development projects, we would not have looked for ways to achieve freedom, including from pride, from the anger that has been accumulated in such dense layers as childhood, childhood of the soul, generic programs and others.

girl drinking coffee
girl drinking coffee

Look with your inner eye at these places - at your schools and universities, desks … Not literally, of course. Look with your inner gaze at those places where you plunge again and again with a feeling of suffering, forgetting that the world is not present apart from us - it is one of us! And if you do not like this picture, then this is a CALL. This is a call, this is a cry, this is a task. Very often we, especially excellent students, people with an active mind, who have many educations, who have experience and even have steep achievements behind us, it seems that we are great fellows … But in reality we are poor students. We are poor in relation to our psyche, to our bodies, to our health. We very often give a lot to someone, sacrificing our own interests, and we think that this is good. What are these feats. But these exploits in the end result are expressed in the fact that the world ceases to “give it to us” - after all, we do not give it to ourselves!

What to do?

Only self-love, full of care and fulfillment, allows us to connect with resources of all kinds and types, with the help of which we become already giving to others.

Support yourself and notice your accomplishments

I encourage you to further educate your mind! Do not forget about this task - YOU are the giving being. YOU are adults. Do not expect to receive, including approval, support and some kind of supportive reaction. You can say anything to this world: you can be offended, shout, feel angry - but you do not need to wait for this feeling or for this manifested action of some reaction from the world. Your internal reaction, and only yours, forms your matrix - at any moment you can stop oscillating left-right, forward-backward, up-down, future-past, and fixate in the I AM. I Am - this is the most important thing.

girl on the bed
girl on the bed

Just look where the matrix pulls you the most? In fears of the future? Or a commitment to the past? Do not run away from this awareness, but simply take responsibility for it from an adult position. Just tell yourself inside - I am an adult Soul, a mature person and I can understand all this, cognize. I can bring love into all this, because when we accept ourselves, we stop fighting - LIGHT comes to this place. We seem to turn on the light in the closet and begin to put everything in its place. We do not start to run away from the problem: “God, how dirty it is! We need to find some specially trained people, give them money so that they can create love here”… But, to some extent, it is - we pay very dearly for our LOVE for ourselves! Space requires a lot of money from us, or we pay with health - that is, in any case, the energy of life will be taken away from us.

Take care of your needs

If we evade something, if we believe that this is not our task, not our responsibility, we will have to “pay” for this and pay dearly. We pay dearly for pride, because this is what it is - a child's position in adulthood. And it is formed by resentment for something not received in adulthood, or by the feeling "I owe it." They have to give me, prove, convince, convince me that you can love me, that I am good / good, that I am a great specialist - when our low self-esteem bulges out of pride, when we scourge ourselves, when we devalue, we do not see. Or, on the contrary, a feeling of arrogance - when there is a reluctance, internal stinginess to share emotions, because it seems to us that we will not be understood that we are above someone or something.

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