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How to increase the production of hormones of youth and beauty: recommendations of a nutritionist
How to increase the production of hormones of youth and beauty: recommendations of a nutritionist

Let's talk today about what we ourselves can do for our mood and well-being.

There are basic things that each of us, if desired, can change. Late retreats and the same rises, heavy food that is not wholesome, stress - there is no production of youth hormones!

  • Melatonin (sleep hormone);
  • Cortisol (stress hormone or "get up and do something");
  • Estrogen (hormone of youth and beauty, emotion and libido).

These hormones control us.

You have a lack of energy and an unwillingness to do anything. What to do?

Drinking vitamins with IHerb thoughtlessly is not enough (and, moreover, prescribing them yourself). You need to change, for a start, your lifestyle and, of course, understand (with the help of analyzes) whether there are deficiencies in the body.

First, we change the sleep mode. Try to go to bed before 10:00 pm and wake up at 6-7 am.

Your diet should definitely contain more "live food": lots of greens, lettuce, vegetables / fruits, seaweed.

Don't eat greens? Pay attention to smoothies:

  • banana, bunch of spinach, lemon;
  • celery / apple;
  • apple / parsley.

Try not to forget about the right fats. These include avocados, fatty fish / seafood, vegetable oil, and nuts / seeds.

Get tested for hormones and correct problems if deficiencies are present.

Try to exercise. Without activity, nowhere. Minimum - 2-3 km of daily walking.

Say no:

  • lights out at 01:00 am with a gadget in hand;
  • too fried / fatty, flour, sugar, fast food, alcohol - all this is also about our mood, well-being and appearance!
  • do not overload yourself with food.
girl eat salad
girl eat salad

And what if you want something "nasty"?

Eat! But with pleasure and without a drop of regret and self-flagellation! But! Do not overuse, do not make a ritual out of it, and a cult out of food.

We protect ourselves from stress as much as possible. Learn to respect yourself, listen to your true desires, and defend your boundaries.

Be healthy and happy!

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